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Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Our Vision

Our TUS EDI vision is to be recognised as a leader in advancing equality, diversity and inclusion. TUS promotes and supports a culture where diversity is celebrated and is a driver and influencer of cultural and societal change locally, regionally and nationally.

Statement on Mission for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in TUS

Our Technological University, located in the heart of Ireland, promotes inclusion of all and embraces equality of opportunity and diversity of perspective; a TU with a ‘Heart’ facilitating access, participation and ensuring a sense of involvement within a wider community (regionally, nationally and internationally) and a community within itself.

The purpose of this statement on EDI is to support and empower those studying and working in TUS to explore, understand and develop inclusive practices for the benefit of everyone connected both directly and indirectly, with TUS. 

Progressing cultural change to advance our EDI strategic goals is a continuing and evolving process. TUS will provide opportunities for all students and staff to thrive in higher education and in the wider community through the promotion of positive identities and abilities, the celebration of diversity and difference, and the provision of an inclusive, participative culture and environment.

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Athena Swan at TUS

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The Athena Swan Charter is a framework which is used across the globe to support and transform gender equality within higher education (HE) and research.

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EDI Steering Committee

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The role of this Committee is to oversee and provide guidance and direction for the achievement of equality, diversity and inclusion objectives across TUS.

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More Information on EDI at TUS

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To find out more about the various activities and initiatives taking place on all our TUS campuses please click the link below.

Further Information on EDI at TUS

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

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The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 requires organisations with over 250 employees to report on their Gender Pay Gap.

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