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Disability FAQs – Athlone


It is a team on the TUS Athlone Campus that provides support, reasonable accommodations, and services to students with disabilities. Its purpose is to ensure equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities in their academic pursuits.

Yes you can still register for support. Some students may not identify with the label ‘disability’, we use the term in relation to access to funded supports and to avoid confusion with other services e.g. learning support, the terms is used in higher education nationally.

Students who wish to register with the Athlone Disability Support Service must complete the online Registration Form at the link below.

Online registration form

Note: Please make sure you have the documents relating to your disability available to upload onto your application.

Yes of course, you can email and just come in for a chat.

Supports vary based on individual needs. Some common examples include extended time for exams, note-taking assistance, learning support or assistive technology.

While disclosure is not mandatory, it is usually beneficial to disclose your disability to your lecturers. By doing so, it helps them understand any potential challenges you may face and fosters a supportive learning environment. This disclosure is typically done through a confidential conversation or email, or by sharing a copy of your LENS issued by the disability Support service.

It is best to contact the disability support service office as soon as possible ( While there may not be strict deadlines, it is recommended to register as early in the semester as possible. This allows us sufficient time to review your registration and provide the necessary accommodations. We advise against ‘going it alone’ or waiting to see how you get on, this can be very stressful. It is better to register and choose how much or how little support you want than going it alone.

No you do not need to reapply as your supports roll over and follow you every year.  However if your needs change or something isn’t working for you we recommend you get in contact so we make any necessary adjustments.

Absolutely not, your level of support has no impact on your final award and it not marked or noted on it in any way.

Yes you can, bear in mind that your academic accommodations may or may not be relevant to your placement so it is a good idea to come to us for a chat about what accommodations you may or may not need for placement.