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Exam Disability Supports – Athlone

Exam Supports

Exam supports can only be provided to students who register with the Disability Support Service (DSS). Students are advised to register early in the semester, in order to ensure appropriate exam arrangements are put in place. Click the link below to complete the online registration form, ensure you have a copy of your supporting documentation to upload: Online registration form

The DSS liaise with the Examinations Office to organise additional exam supports for end of semester exams.  While every effort will be made to provide the necessary facilities, it may not be possible to meet all requirements in every case. Specific exam supports will be discussed individually with each student and form part of the needs assessment. Students must have adequate working knowledge of any facility/technology they request to use in an exam.

If you want your exam supports in place for your timed in-class exams e.g. midterm exams, please request this using the online Continuous Assessment Exam Supports Form. You must give at least 7 days’ notice for supports.

These facilities may include:

  • Separate exam venue.
  • Smaller shared exam venue.
  • Use of PC or laptop.
  • Use of assistive technology such as screen reading software.
  • Exam paper in an alternative format (e.g. audio format or enlarged text paper).
  • Use of coloured examination paper.
  • Reader and/or scribe.
  • Extra time (10 minutes per hour).
  • Marking Guidelines (advice for examiners when marking papers).
  • Rest periods (provided for candidates who require breaks during the exam, e.g. students who have mobility difficulties; concentration difficulties; or who suffer from chronic pain.
  • Specialised furniture or aids.

Students are required to sign an Exam Form with a member of the Disability Service when requesting exam supports.

Please be aware marking guidelines (spelling & grammar waiver) are for timed written exams only and cannot be applied to other written assessments e.g. essays, thesis, presentations.

Temporary Exam Supports

Temporary exam supports are for students experiencing an injury or temporary condition and need exam supports for their official end of semester exams. To apply for temporary exam supports please email


Temporary Exam Supports are intended for students who have an injury or temporary condition, with documentation dated within 4 weeks of the application for Temporary Exam Support. This applies to in-person end-of-trimester exams. Temporary exam supports are put in place for ONE exam session only. 

Students with ongoing conditions, including those who have applied for temporary exam supports previously, are invited to apply for ongoing support and should contact for advice.

Students with a disability, ongoing illness or specific learning difficulty are not eligible for temporary exam support and should contact for advice.

Students with an infectious/contagious illness, including COVID, flu, mumps etc, cannot be accommodated in the exam halls.

Required Medical Documentation

Students must supply recent medical documentation which must cover the exam period and be dated within 4 weeks of the application.

Medical documentation must meet the following requirements:

  • It must confirm a specific diagnosis of an injury or a temporary condition
  • It must be from a GP or other health professional e.g. hospital consultant, counsellor etc.
  • Please ensure your documentation is signed and stamped or it may not be accepted – we will not accept Word documents, emails or phone numbers to call medical professionals
  • It must be on headed paper
  • It must contain your name and details

Documentation which does not meet the requirements above will not be accepted.

Important information:
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the relevant School of your situation.
  • Temporary Exam Support is based on the medical confirmation provided on your documentation only.
  • Temporary exam supports are put in place for ONE exam session only. 
  • If your illness, injury or disability requires ongoing support, you must register with TUS Athlone Disability Support Service for Disability Support.
  • If you require a scribe, you should have adequate practice of working with a scribe before taking your exam(s) as you may find it difficult to adjust to using this support. Contact for further advice.
  • Temporary exam support is only applicable to end-of-semester exams.
  • Once your application is received we will review it and send a notification to your student email account outlining whether or not your application has been successful.
  • For any questions or help regarding your Temporary Exam Support Application, please contact