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Disability Learning Support – Athlone

Learning Support

Students can avail of Learning Support once they have registered with the Disability Support Service.

The aim of Learning Support is to facilitate students with developing the appropriate academic skills required to access and progress through their course.  Learning Support is individualised to the students’ needs. Support remains flexible during the course of the academic year and is guided by the student’s requirements. It may contain any or all of the following elements:

  • Developing techniques to improve reading, writing and comprehension.
  • Note taking skills.
  • Preparation for exams, revision and exam techniques.
  • Organisation and time-management skills.
  • Memory techniques.
  • Essay/assignment planning and writing.
  • Project planning and report writing.
  • Structuring of sentences.
  • Spelling strategies.
  • Wellbeing check-ins
  • Other requirements as identified through the Needs Assessment.

To register with the Disability Support Service click the link below:

Online registration form

Any queries should be directed to