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Autism & Uni Toolkit – Athlone

Autism&Uni is an EU-funded initiative to help autistic students during the transition to university. The project team created a toolkit (the Autism&Uni Toolkit) for use by universities and has been adapted by many universities in several different countries.  

The toolkit content is directly influenced by and designed specifically for the students we are working with. It is amended and customised to TUS Athlone Campus, especially in the sections “Our Services”, “Locations” and “Directions”. 

The Autism&Uni Toolkit gives students information and strategies for overcoming the challenges they typically encounter during the transition to University. It is laid out in a logical way offering practical advice and detailed information on the student journey, from thinking about going to university to arranging support with the TUS Athlone Disability Support Service. 

Access the TUS Athlone Autism&Uni Toolkit.

For any queries about supports available for Autistic students or information on registering with Athlone Disability Support Service please contact

Quiet Spaces

Class can be loud and busy; there can be a lot going on and a lot of people moving about on campus at any given time. The quiet spaces are purposely located in low traffic areas, where students can escape to, sit down and recharge. Located in the main campus library, students’ union hub, and engineering building, the quiet spaces are fitted out with specialist furniture which promotes a sense of calm, reducing anxiety and stress.