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Powering the Innovation of Vocational Education & Training

Project Reference Number: 2021-1-BG01-KA220-VET-000034634

Duration: 30 months (Jan 2022 – Jul 2024)

TUS Project Budget: €72,025.00

Total Project Budget: €275,490.00


New technologies, new business models, digitalization, artificial intelligence, demographic and climate changes, and the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 demand flexible responses from VET systems, with appropriate methodologies to foster resilience and responsiveness to changing societal and labor market needs. VET providers play a fundamental role in this scenario. High quality and innovative vocational education, and training systems provide people with skills for work, personal development, and citizenship, which help them to adapt to and deliver on the twin digital and green transitions, to cope with emergency situations and economic shocks, while also supporting economic growth andsocial cohesion. In this context, PI-VET intends to provide VET teachers and trainers with an innovative methodology and tools to co-create with their learners and external stakeholders learning programs that are inclusive, digital, green, and more responsive to societal and labor market needs.

Project Objectives

  • IO1 – To design an innovative methodology and tools to let VET providers co-create with learners and external stakeholders learning programs that embed inclusive, digital and green practices and that are more responsive to societal and labor market needs. The activities of the 7 Work Packages (WP) are willing to achieve a unique co-creation model for VET.
  • IO2 – To digitalize VET training for trainers, giving them not only tools, but methodologies, guidelines and platforms to be used in their daily work in a collaborative manner.
  • IO3 – To foster the involvement of all the stakeholders who have an interest in the innovation and quality in VET at a national and international level (e.g. companies, institutions and policy-makers, organizations representing the business world, VET centers, students, families, NGOs, youth workers, trainers, business, etc.) to shape VET provision through a virtual cooperation platform and a Public Ranking Tool.

Project Outputs

  • Methodology for Sustainable Learning Programs
  • Sustainable Learning Canvases
  • PI-VET Platform
  • Public Ranking Tool
Contact Details

Benny McDonagh


Contact Details
  • Institute Perspectives (Project Coordinator – Bulgaria)
  • Femxa Formación S.L.U. (Spain)
  • Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (Ireland)
  • Lascò srl a socio unico (Italy)