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SDRI Research Institute

The Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) will deliver TUS’s ambition to be at the forefront of sustainable development in the TU Region, by delivering inter-disciplinary research and building new knowledge and delivering positive impacts for and outcomes for society.


SDRI will build on the extensive foundation of applied research within the TUS Thurles campus to create a Nationally and Internationally recognised centre of excellence which enables communities, enterprise and industry to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Focused around the themes of Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing, SDRI will deliver a step change in TUSs contribution to the sustainable development agenda, delivering on the TU ambition of being a research informed organisation and inform future policy through active collaboration with HEIs, RPOs and policy makers Nationally and Internationally.   

Aims and Objectives: 

The aim of the Sustainable Development Research Institute (SDRI) is to maximise the impact of TUS on the sustainable development of the region through high quality, applied research informed and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  SDRI will become an exemplary of multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research producing high quality outputs through funded R&D projects, postgraduate research and publications.  SRDI will re-enforce TUS’s position as a leading actor in the sustainable development sector. 

The core objectives of the Institute are to 

  • To build upon the existing critical mass and expertise in the field of Sustainable development that exists within TUS generally and within TUS Thurles and the TUS Development Unit specifically. 
  • To engage in research, demonstration, consultancy and project development activities in the fields of Sustainable Development and to align this activity with the UN SDGs.  The Institute aligns its interdisciplinary research within the themes of the Nature, Economy, Society and Wellness.   
  • To create synergies with other Institutes/Centres/Groups and Academic Departments in TUS with a view to promoting the concept of sustainable development within all areas of TUS’s and TU activities 
  • To engage in networks at a National, European and International level to further promote and develop TUS’s presence in the Sustainable development arenas. 
  • To attract new expertise and researchers to join the SDRI team 

Focus Areas 

The SDRI will focus its research activities under four key areas/themes. There will be significant cross cutting activity across the 4 areas but these areas have been selected to align with current thinking in relation to sustainable development and thus ensure SDRI can position itself to access funds and form partnerships addressing specific areas, while also facilitating interdisciplinary research.