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Project Reference Number 2022-2-IE01-KA220-VET-000097215

Duration 32 months

TUS Project Budget €121,650

Total Project Budget €400 000,00


The transition between the current world of work and the climate-neutral economy the EU aspires to build can happen only if its people develop the right skills, as expressed in the EU Skills Agenda. However, despite significant progress being made in the past years, the current supply of green talent is insufficient to meet the growing demand for a green-skilled workforce (Global Green Skills Report, LinkedIn Economic Graph, 2022). In this scenario, Vocational Education and Training are called to play a crucial role in facilitating just transitions, providing people with skills the labour market needs and career development opportunities in the post-pandemic labour market, admist facing major challenges.

GREEN HIVE will address these challenges, by providing VET providers with the tools to build local multi-stakeholder hubs to activate co-creation processes for sustainable development, and a long-term cooperation platform to connect the hubs and facilitate the transfer of knowledge and know-how across sectors and countries. The project will implement direct actions to improve VET providers’ sustainability competence and developing educational resources, embedding the European GreenComp concepts, to equip them with the tools to foster learners’ knowledge, attitude and skills in the four competence areas of the GreenComp, in line with the Osnabrück Declaration.

Aims & Objectives

The project aims to introduce substantial changes in VET practices, particularly in the VET ecosystem-building practices and teaching and learning processes. The consortium will produce the methodological framework and tools to build a European ecosystem (“Green Hive”) of localised hubs for sustainability education (“Green Combs”) established within VET providers.

The project aims to increase VET providers’ capacity to prepare learners for the green transition and pursues the following specific objectives:

  • SO1. Equipping VET providers with GreenComp-based innovative practices and digital tools to foster learners’ sustainability competences (by July 2025).
  • SO2. Increasing min. 475 VET teachers’ knowledge and skills in sustainability education by November 2024;
  • SO3. By April 2025, creating a transnational cooperation platform with min. 15 VET institutions from the countries involved for the continuous improvement and innovation of sustainability education, and adapting VET provision to the needs of a greening economy;
  • SO4. Increasing min. 225 VET learners’ sustainability competences by July 2025

Project Outputs

  • Create a “Methodological Framework” for developing a VET sustainability education ecosystem and localised hubs to facilitate the transfer of local experience, knowledge and innovation in the field of the implementation of the GreenComp, and encourage collective actions of VET providers, learners and external stakeholders to co-create solutions for sustainability;
  • Develop a “Toolkit for the setup and management of Green Combs”, incl. a how-to guide and canvases to support VET providers in setting up, managing and growing internal hubs for sustainability education;
  • Make “Educational resources for Green Combs”, including guidelines to implement open spaces for discussion around learner-generated topics among members of localised hubs, micro-learning videos, workshop scenarios and project-based learning experiences in the 4 competence areas of the GreenComp;
  • Develop the “Green Hive” platform, connecting the hubs through the Internet and providing capacity-building opportunities and digital tools for VET institutions, knowledge-transfer spaces, and co-creation activities for its members.
  • Create a 9-module MOOC to transfer the project knowledge and tools and min. 40 VET teachers trained; improved knowledge and skills of min. 475 VET teachers and trainers involved in the project activities and create a learning space for learning resources for VET teachers on the “Green Hive” platform.
  • Have 225 VET students trained through an international competition requiring them to collaborate with their peers from the other localised hubs in the countries involved to propose solutions to sustainability challenges.
Contact Details

Dr Marie Taylor 


Project Partners
  • Lascò srl a socio unico, Italy
  • Femxa Formación S.L.U, Spain
  • Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neon Kean, Greece
  • Asociatia TEAM 4 Excellence, Romania
  • Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS), Ireland