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GoGreen! Transdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Environmental Sustainability at School

Duration: 24 months

TUS Project Budget: €39,025

Total Project Budget: €250,000


The GoGreen! project is funded by the European Commission through the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme, Cooperation partnerships in School Education and will be coordinated by the project applicant IIS Galileo Galilei (Italy) in cooperation with Pixel (Florence).

Objectives and Aims of the Project

The GoGreen! project aims at redefining disciplinary programs and educational methods through cooperation between the different institutions of education. Schools have a duty to educate new generations to an integrated and sustainable vision of development through inputs that can stimulate a reflection on the objectives of the Agenda 2030. Their duty is also to make new generations understand the impact of their behaviours and to make them aware of the consequences that their actions have on the future. Even though School is “the best place to activate educational projects about the environment and sustainability” there is a lack of preparation to do that and there are no recognised Course programmes in some countries.


The specific aims of the project are:

To contribute to promoting the awareness of school communities about environmental issues and sustainable development through the promotion of a transdisciplinary approach and problem-based learning.

To support implementing, experimenting, validating, supporting, and disseminating training models linked to the environment and to more aware management and consumption of natural resources.

To enhance the contribution that the school education system can give to the environmental sustainability.

Target Groups

The main target groups of the project are high school teachers and students of the first two years of secondary school.

TUS participates in the TREE Project (Micro and Project-based learning for Teaching ciRcular Economy and Ecological awareness in VET schools | Micro and Project-based learning for Teaching ciRcular Economy and Ecological awareness in VET schools ( as an associated partner.  The goal of the project is to increase the employability of VET students in the process of change towards a more sustainable and circular economy and to make them aware of the environmental issue, by providing them with skills and knowledge related to those themes.  Please visit the project website to learn more. 

Contact Details

Marie Walsh

Project Coordinator


TUS Activities


The following activities will be implemented with the related results:

Development of an e-learning based training package addressed to secondary school teachers to prepare them in taking into account environmental and sustainable development-related issue in their lessons.

Definition of lesson plans and related teaching tools and sources that secondary school teachers and students can use to address the main challenges related to environmental and sustainable development.

Development of a Syllabus for teaching environmental protection, sustainability and green practices. The Syllabus will be developed on the basis of a multi, and interdisciplinary approach also based on problem-solving approaches and strategies.

Each of the deliverables produced will be tested with the representatives of the target groups. The testing phase allows the collection of relevant feedbacks from the end users to further improve the deliverables produced and create results that are fully consistent with their needs and expectations. A number of multiplier events will be organized to disseminate the results reached, the methodology implemented and output produced in the GoGreen! project.