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Project Reference Number: 2021-11-SE01-KA220-ADU-EAA1272E

Duration: November 2021 – November 2023

TUS Project Budget: €39,902

Total Project Budget: €240,073


The project Digital Storytelling on Sharing Economy, short DISSE, aims at reconsidering the concepts of ‘property’ and ‘sharing’ across Europe. Our society is facing quick and technology-driven changes. New technologies have been finding their way into all our living environments and the development of online platforms have made sharing easier than ever. Throughout Europe, many new business models on sharing have emerged, sharing and swapping has become a billion Euro market. As an economic factor, the sharing economy will likely become more and more important within the next few years.

Hence, this relatively recent cooperative sharing economy needs to be included into the list of school topics. Pupils need to get a realistic view on the Sharing Economy and all its aspects and many facets. Therefore, the partners will develop a DISSE framework, a guide that helps (prospective) teachers and teacher trainers include the topic of sharing economy by telling digital stories into their lessons.

In a first step, the partners will do some fundamental research on the status, the background, advantages, and disadvantages etc. on the Sharing Economy in their own countries. They will search for information on the Internet, will get in contact with practitioners in sharing, both profit and non-profit organisations, but also individuals. They will conduct explorative interviews and collect any information acting as reference for teachers on the sharing economy.

In a next step and, among others, based on the research, the partners will develop:

a) Teacher’s Manual providing detailed information about the concept, special features and methodology of Digital Storytelling together with step-by-step explanations on how to proceed.

b) Sharing Guide including teaching material on how to use existing digital stories on sharing as teaching material as well as resources to stimulate pupils’ stories on sharing.

The Teacher’s Manual will be linked to a collection of easy-to-use and low-cost software, a descriptive collection of various types of digital stories (audios, photo narratives, explanatory videos, etc.) and a list of topics to help initiate stories on sharing.

The Sharing Guide will be linked to a project video channel which will hold all digital stories produced during the life cycle of the project. These stories will be the basis for teachers using the Sharing Guide as teaching material on how to use existing digital stories on sharing and how to exploit them further

Project Outputs

The Digital Storytelling on Sharing Economy project combines digital media, business skills and soft skills. Trainers can actively, creatively and collaboratively use ICT to tell digital stories about climate change  and sharing attitude, organise their own sharing marketplace, if possible, and understand how sharing works and how it can change economy and society and, consequently, contribute to a just and sustainable environment and climate change change tone down. Along the way, they develop skills such as collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and mindfulness, which prepare them for a more and more complex life and work environment.

  • Digital Storytelling Classrooms Toolkit
  • Best Practices on Sharing Stories
Contact Details

Yvonne Doyle


Project Website

Project Partners
  • Wise Academy (Sweden)
  • European Learning Centre (Spain)
  • Archivio della Memoria (Italy)
  • Associazione Progetto Mediterranea (Italy)
  • TUS (Ireland)
  • Denmar (Poland)
  • SBTC (Turkey)