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Project Reference Number 2021-KA220-ADU-Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Duration 24 months

TUS Project Budget €35,660

Total Project Budget €233,670


The Covid-19 pandemic caused a drastic increase in the household waste within Europe and more specifically in the partner countries. As it is a well-known fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has already had tremendous impacts on the waste and household sector. At first, while the pandemic was progressing and lockdowns were imposed in many countries, the citizens’ consumption habits changed because of the “I-stay-at-home-effect”. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in the consumption of single-use plastics, oftentimes because of health and hygiene concerns. These are the main consequences of the global pandemic era, and it will continue to affect the whole world. For this reason, the project partnership has the same global problems at the country level, and all these created a big awareness of the “waste management” both economic and circular needs.

Despite efforts at EU and national levels, the amount of waste generated is not going down. The decoupling of waste generation from economic growth will require considerable effort across the whole value chain and in every home. To provide the transition to the circular economy will be systemic, deep, and transformative, in the EU and beyond, the Commission has declared to propose the harmonisation separate waste collection systems and a whole new range of sustainable services, product-as-service models and digital solutions will bring about a better quality of life, innovative jobs and upgraded knowledge and skills.

Since it will require an alignment and cooperation of all stakeholders at all levels – EU, national, regional and local, and international, the 2Teach – 2Touch Project will provide modular training modules to the adults in the partner countries. Besides since the 2Teach – 2Touch Project aims to facilitate citizens’ involvement in waste management and circular economy, the deliverables of the project will upskill the competences of adults and help citizens take account of regional and local conditions of circularity.

Project Objectives

CONCRETE OBJECTIVE 1: The project will provide tailored cut information about how citizens can be more involved in the waste management and circular economy at the household level (R1).

CONCRETE OBJECTIVE 2: The project will get sufficient information about waste reduction in household and true consumption behaviour in everyday life (R2).

CONCRETE OBJECTIVE 3: The project will provide detailed information about how high-quality, functional, and safe products, which are efficient and affordable, last longer and are designed for reuse, repair, and high-quality recycling in the household (R3).

CONCRETE OBJECTIVE 4: The project will facilitate the understanding of the most effective combinations of waste separate collection models, the density and accessibility of waste separate collection points, including in public spaces in the partner countries (R4). CONCRETE OBJECTIVE 5: The project will enhance the accessibility of citizens in upskilling competences of waste economy by creating a digital environment (R5).

Project Outputs

Detailed set of skills and competences being citizen in waste economy.

List of project outputs:

  • 5 training modules as results.
  • National reports summarizing the main findings of the interviews;
  • Pilots and evaluation reports;
  • Installed and functioning digital environment;
  • National report of practices via digital environment;
  • Final feedback report on the use of the digital platform.
  • 2Teach 2Touch web showcase (project website, FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn media profiles, web page on partner websites);
  • Visual identity (logo, web banner, leaflet in 6 languages);
  • 4 newsletters in 6 languages,
  • 2 Academic paper.
Contact Details

Benny McDonagh


Project Partners
  • EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH, Germany
  • Archivio della Memoria, Italy
  • European Learning Centre, Spain
  • Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland