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Our Team

Padraic is an engineer and manager with a substantial development project track record in the building services and renewable heating sector. He now provides leadership for the Development Unit activities at TUS.

Padraic’s role includes management of the Development Unit based in Thurles as well as the promotion of appropriate opportunities for collaboration with external organisations in development projects within the catchment area of the TU and nationally.

This work involves identifying, disseminating and advising on national, EU and international project funding opportunities across the Institute as well as helping to provide opportunities for post-graduate researchers on research and development projects being implemented from within the Development Unit.

Padraic joined the Development Unit in September 2017 to work on the Superhomes 2.0 project.

Padraic holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Project Management, both from the University of Limerick.

Areas of expertise

  • Renewable heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Energy efficiency
  • Mechanical building services
  • Project management

Key ongoing projects

  • HP4All
  • Superhomes 2030
  • Speedier

Publications / research

  • Best Practice Guide for ASHP Retrofit, D4.4 of Superhomes 2.0
  • Optimisation of air source heat pumps in residential retrofits, Journal of Sustainable Design and Applied Research, TU Dublin, Ireland (O’Reilly, P., Hoyne, S., O’Shea, M.)
  • The Impact of Extreme Weather on Electricity demand from homes heated by Air Source Heat Pumps. 8th Eur. Conf. Ren. Energy Sys. 09-11 June 2020, Istanbul, Turkey (Chesser, M., Lyons, P., O’Reilly, P., Carroll, P.)
  • Probability density distributions for household air source heat pump electricity demand. 10th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT)  August 9-12, 2020, Leuven, Belgium (Chesser, M., Lyons, P., O’Reilly, P., Carroll, P.)

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28003

Seamus is a highly experienced manager with 25 years’ experience in energy, education and flexible learning environments. He has developed extensive networks regionally, nationally and internationally in the sustainable energy and higher education fields. Seamus has acquired a thorough knowledge and experience of Europe and national funding schemes with experience of coordinating large scale multi-national projects.

He leads and partners in consortia to secure funding from a range of national and EU funding programmes. He manages programmes across H2020, Interreg, Erasmus+ and other programmes providing strategic and project management, technical input and leadership. He is joint Principle Investigator for the Centre for Energy Efficiency and Deep Decarbonisation (CEEDD) which focuses on supporting individuals, communities, businesses and industry to achieve energy transition goals.

He is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Tipperary Energy Agency and Secretary General of FEDARENE, European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment

Seamus Hoyne was the Head of the Department of Flexible Learning from 2012 to 2017. He managed a Department with a turnover of €1.5m and coordinated 70 academic and non-academic staff across 5 locations.

Areas of expertise

  • Energy management
  • Sustainable energy project development
  • EU project management

Key ongoing projects

  • ManagEnergy
  • Superhomes 2030
  • HP4All
  • SocialB
  • CarbonConnects

Publications / research

  • “Superhomes 2.0 – Optimisation of Air Source Heat Pump Applications in NZEB Residential Retrofits” Hoyne, S. IEA Task 26 Heat Pump Conference, London, September 2017
  • “Superhomes 2.0 – Best Practice Guide for ASHP Retrofit” Hoyne, S; Hunter, G; O’ Reilly, P; O’ Shea, M; April 2020
  • “Evaluation of the Space Heating Calculations within the Irish Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure Using Sensor Measurements from Residential Homes” Hunter, W. G; Hoyne, S; Noonan, L. March 2017 Energy Procedia 111:181-194
  • “Creation of an improved residential space heating calculation model for the Irish energy performance assessment tool” Hunter, W. G; Hoyne, S; Noonan, L. June 2015. ECEEE Energy Efficiency Summer School, Toulon, France
  • “SERVE – Upgrading 400 buildings in rural Ireland” Hoyne, S. World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED), Linz, Austria, Feb 28th – Mar 2nd 2011.
  • “Enhancing community investment in sustainable energy in Ireland; learnings from the community wind farm in Templederry, Co. Tipperary”. Hoyne, S. Sept 2012. Conference Paper, BEHAVE Energy Conference, Oxford, UK

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28114
Twitter: Seamus Hoyne
LinkedIn: Seamus Hoyne

Benny McDonagh is a Senior Project Assistant with primary expertise in Sustainable Energy in the Development  Unit, TUS.  Benny worked for many years in London as a carpenter and building contractor before returning to Ireland in 1995, where he worked at a Special Needs Community based in Kilkenny and Tipperary in building construction and maintenance area.

He was also, in this community involved in the construction and installation a one of the first commercial Anaerobic Digestors for processing food and farm wastes in ireland in 1997.

With a passion for social and environmental issues, he went on to study for an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology, completing it in 2014.

Since then, he has occupied various roles as a Researcher, Building Contractor and Consultant in the areas of Energy Management, Sustainable Construction and Water Treatment; working for organisations such as EPS Water and the Dŵr Uisce Hydropower Energy Recovery Project at Blackstairs Group Water Scheme  the first pilot project of it’s type in Ireland , Lawler Consulting a multi-disciplinary team of Building Services and Sustainability Engineers with projects in Ireland and the UK and the ESB- Irelands electrical generation, transmission, distribution and supply utility .

He has been involved in a SEAI BEC scheme to retrofit a Special needs community which was the project studied for the thesis of  BSc (Honours) in Energy Management in Buildings  at IT Carlow in 2016 which also involved one of the first PV installations in 2015, and managed an EXEED office upgrade in 2018.

He is also currently  involved in both the content development and drafting of training manuals and modules for Sustainable Construction which integrates Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) and digitalisation to deliver, smarter, more efficient and green buildings at both construction and occupation phases. Current EU projects include BIMzeED, Train the Trainer, BUSleague and HP4All.

Benny is now working as full time Senior Project Assistant for the TUS Development Unit. He has also presented at a number of national and international conferences on themes around science, education and engagement and as part of the green schools initiative given talks on water conservation and rainwater harvesting to primary schools.

Member of:

  • Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • Passive House Association Ireland
  • Engineers Ireland


  • Environmental Issues/Climate Change
  • Cutting edge renewable technologies
  • Innovative building materials
  • Category B and D1 driving licences
  • Djing
  • Volunteering (Haiti, building domestic dwellings post-earthquake, 2010)
  • Behavioural Economics (Nudge Theory
  • Reducing Global inequality  (Doughnut Economics)

Contact details


Martin is a research assistant with TUS since October of 2021 and works on a wide range of projects looking specifically at communication and the creation of training materials. Having graduated from The University of Limerick with a Batchelors Degree in Architecture, Martin went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking for Sustainability from University College Dublin and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Circular Economy Leadership for the Built Environment with the Atlantic Technological University. He has also completed courses in Inclusive and Sustainable Cities, Building Inclusive Cities: Tackling Urban Inequality and Segregation, Global Housing Design, Rethink the City: New Approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges (TU Delft) and Data Analytics and Statistics (International College Dublin).

Martin has a keen interest in the impact of architecture and the construction industry on the wider world, this is evident in his continued work on sustainability and the circular economy but can also be seen in his thesis project entitle ‘Social Architecture and Its Impact on Mental Wellbeing’ which looks at the impact of design on the city and on mental health. Martin has also worked on projects such as the pedestrianisation of Dublin alongside Dublin City Council and the mapping of Limerick city with the IU Limerick during his studies.

In 2019 Martin worked with Noreile Breen Architects on a research project studying the work of Luis Barragan, looking at specifically at his early work and Barragan’s understanding of light, form, material and nature.

Martin now works on HumanTech – Horizon 2030, BUSgoCircular – Hoizon 2020 and Carbon Connects – Interreg.

Areas of expertise

  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Architecture
  • Training and Education
  • Design Thinking


  • BUSgoCircular
  • Carbon Connects Cap
  • HumanTech

Publications / research

  • ‘From insight into energy transition maturity to powerful task-based cross-sectoral upskilling’, Cromwijk. J, Poort. C, Cerovsek. T, Moro, A, Breen. M. May 2022
  • ‘To Implement a Circular Economy Within the Construction Industry, We need to Bridge the Widening Skills Gaps’, Breen. M, Steensma. S. March 2023

Contact details


LinkedIn: Martin Breen

Dr. Anthony is an agronomist and soil scientist with over a decade of experience in research, education, and community development. He has participated in several agricultural research for development projects in Germany, Poland, India, and Nigeria, focusing on agroecological production for sustainable food systems, biodiversity conservation, and climate protection. Since 2010 till present, Anthony has won several research awards on Sustainable Agronomy in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Anthony was a Resident Fellow of the Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt), Warsaw (2021-2022), Young African Phosphorus Research Fellow (2021); Research Associate at the University of Rostock, Germany (2019-2020); Visiting Research Scholar at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Landscape Research, Germany (2014), Green Talents Fellow, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (2013), and Research Scientist at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (2010-2016).

Presently, he leads the EU AgriNext Project within the Development Unit at the Technological University of the Shannon, focusing on promoting Multifunctional Agriculture for Rural Development.

Areas of expertise

  • Agroecosystems Sustainability
  • Conservation/Regenerative Agriculture
  • Cropping Systems Diversification and Modelling
  • Digital/Precision Agriculture
  • Soil Resources Management


  • AgriNext

Publications / research

  • Oyeogbe Anthony Imoudu, T.K. Das, Arti Bhatia and Shashi Bala Singh (2017) Adaptive nitrogen and weed management in conservation agriculture: Impacts on agronomic productivity, greenhouse gas emissions and herbicide residues. Environment Monitoring and Assessment. 189, 198.
  • Oyeogbe Anthony Imoudu, T. K. Das, K.K. Bandyopadhyay (2018) Agronomic productivity, nitrogen fertilizer savings and soil organic carbon in conservation agriculture: Efficient nitrogen and weed management in maize-wheat system. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 1635-1645.
  • Anthony Imoudu Oyeogbe, (2021) Nitrogen management in conservation agriculture. In ‘‘Nitrogen in Agriculture – Physiological, Agricultural and Ecological Aspects’’ Open Access book edited by Dr. Takuji Ohyama and Dr. Kazuyuki Inubushi. IntechOpen Publishers, UK. ISBN: 978-1-83968-492-0.
  • Oyeogbe Anthony Imoudu, Joshua Otoadese, and Bryan Ehanire (2021). Diversification of maize-basedcropping systems in tropical rainforest agroecosystem of Nigeria: productivity, profitability and soil fertility. Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society 9(1):60-66. doi: 10.17170/kobra-202011192213
  • Oyeogbe, Anthony Imoudu, Brayn Ogbemudiamen Ehanire, Joshua Nosagie Otoadese (2022). Influence of organic residues on soil carbon sequestration in tropical rainforest of Nigeria: monoculture and orchard systems. Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture and Society (1): 30-36. doi:10.17170/kobra-202110144901

Contact details


Elaine went back to education as a mature student to study a BA Hons in Sustainable Rural Development, graduating from the Tipperary Institute (now TUS) in 2009. Following graduation, she completed a MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation in the University of Leeds and subsequently moved to the Outer Hebrides to take up a role as a development officer for the Isle of North Uist. Elaine worked under the Scottish Highland and Island Enterprise programme to develop fragile communities, embracing island living for the duration of the project and for two years focused her efforts on developing opportunities that created a lasting impact in the long-term economic development of the Outer Hebrides.

In 2012 Elaine moved to the North East of Scotland where she continued her work within the economic development unit of Aberdeenshire Council, managing the rural partnerships initiative and focused on projects such as tourism, food and building community networks. Due to an increase in the development of wind energy projects in the region, Elaine supported communities and the council to create guidance and templates for local groups when seeking to access community benefit funding.

In her own time Elaine started and ran a micro crowd funding dinner for five years named Aberdeen Soup which was based on the Detroit Soup model. She is still supporting new SOUP startups and has spoken at Soup events in the UK, Europe and the US. Due to her work on micro granting and SOUP, Elaine supported University groups in both Aberdeen University and RGU to engage students in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, becoming a regular speaker at University events.

In 2016 Elaine retrained as a Business and Economics Teacher in the University of Aberdeen, earning a PGDE in Secondary Education. In 2020 Elaine moved to Gordonstoun School where she taught Business and Economics and led the BTec in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, bringing her skills in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship to successfully deliver a unique programme within the school. In 2021 under her guidance the Young Enterprise Team in Gordonstoun went on to become overall winners in the National Final and in 2022 again winning many prizes in the sustainability and innovations categories for their work in ethical fashion.

In 2023 Elaine completed her Masters in Education in Professional Practice and Reflective Learning and has since become a part of the DU team based in Thurles working on a range of projects.

Areas of expertise

  • Enterprise within education
  • Young Enterprise
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital teaching and learning
  • Mindfulness in the workplace


  • AgriNext
  • Farm Elder

Contact details


Edel is the Project Administrator for the DASBE (Digital Academy for the Sustainable Built Environment) Project. Prior to this appointment, Edel was an administrator in the Development Unit, TUS Thurles Campus.  Edel has a total of 27 year’s administration experience in the areas of academic administration, project management, event management and general office administration.  Edel has been the administration co-ordinator for a number of significant projects, including the EU/Leonardo da Vinci-funded CESBEM (Competence Enhancement in Sustainable Building Through European Mobility) II, III, IV and V and the REMSOB I programmes, which all involved providing upskilling opportunities for people working in the Construction Sector.

Edel joined Tipperary Institute (TRBDI) in July 2000 as an academic administrator in the Department of Sustainable Rural Development, where she was responsible for the academic administration of the department’s full-time and part-time programmes.

Edel was also involved in the administration of the Department’s outreach work, which involved community & EU Projects, and conference and event management.

Since 2011, Edel had been based in the TUS Development Unit in Thurles.

Edel has a certificate in Management Studies from Tipperary Institute and certificates in Integrated Business Technology and Business Administration from the Royal Society of Arts.

Areas of expertise

  • General office adminstration
  • Project support
  • Event management
  • Academic administration

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28117
Twitter: @Edel_OGrady
LinkedIn: Edel O’Grady

Elisabeth O’Brien is the DASBE Manager (Digital Academy for the Sustainable Built Environment) at TUS. Lis is a Chartered Architect & Sustainable Energy Engineer with extensive experience in developing programmes for sustainable energy efficient design, green procurement, sustainable techniques and technologies, NZEB, BIM and circular economy training and training trainers. She is involved in expert panels across Europe and a member of NSAI e-committees, Retrofit for Existing Dwellings, and Roofing.

Elisabeth is a chartered architect and sustainable energy engineer. She is a member of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) and completed a Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering.

Elisabeth managed an architectural practice for 17 years, specialising in the design, tendering and construction of sustainable retrofit and new builds using the REVIT BIM programme.  As the Project Support Officer of the Development Unit in TUS, she assisted with the coordination of the BUSI Build Up Skills QualiBuild and led/leads dissemination, training, skills and building capacity in projects – A2PBEER, Train-to-nZEB, VET4LEC, FREED, and currently BIMzeED, BUNRs project and Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance Construction Blueprint project.

Elisabeth has extensive experience in sustainable design and project management within the construction sector and has a wealth of knowledge on renewables, energy auditing, sustainable techniques and technologies.

Elisabeth attained a distinction in the QQI Training Delivery and Evaluation programme and Level 9 in Designing and Adapting Coursework for Blended and Online Learning. Elisabeth was the vice-chair for the EU BUSI exchange TWG1, a trainer for the ProfTrac project and expert for the BIMEET panel. She is a member of the National Standards Authority for Ireland, the NSAI e-committee, active in a number of steering groups involved in the Skills for NZEB and presents at a number of Energy and Sustainability forums in Ireland and around Europe.

Areas of expertise

  • Sustainable architecture
  • NZEB design
  • Deep energy renovation
  • NZEB training skills for construction industry
  • Energy efficiency

Key ongoing projects

  • All Construction Blueprint
  • BIMzeED
  • WWETB NZEB Trainings

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28040
Twitter: @LisOBrienLIT
LinkedIn: Elisabeth O Brien

Gloria is based in the Thurles campus, working as project support officer with the Development Unit.

A native of the Burren in Co Clare, Gloria has a proven track record and background in rural development, having received an MA from University of Galway in Community Development (2001) and a BA from University of Cork in Social Science (1999).

Gloria brings a wealth of experience from 20 years working on the EU LEADER programme but also on wider rural development, sustainable development and community and enterprise engagement.

Gloria has worked for 20 years in the community and voluntary sector co-ordinating the EU LEADER Rural Development Programme in Clare. She has worked extensively with enterprises, community groups, farmers, farm families, individuals, networks and social enterprises. Coordinating programmes of significant public funding investment and multiple project types is a particular skill which Gloria has honed, covering themes such as economic development including tourism destinations and market towns, community and youth development and environmental development including renewables and biodiversity. Sourcing co-financing for projects through other public and private sources including philanthropy was a regular aspect of the role. Projects which Gloria worked on directly include training programmes, feasibility studies, network establishment and development, community planning, business planning along with capital projects.

In addition to her LEADER role, Gloria worked on the Clare Wood Energy Project from 2004 – 2007. The project aimed to create a market for farm forestry first thinning, in association with Teagasc and funded through the Forest Service. As a direct consequence of the project, a number of large biomass boilers were installed in Clare, which created the intended local market. Without a local market, the thinning of privately owned, usually small scale forestry plantations was neither financially viable nor environmentally sustainable. The Clare Timber Producers Group continues to operate in Clare as a sustainable legacy of that project. Gloria is an advocate for community led local development (CLLD) and believes strongly in supporting actors in the local economy to add value and to create a sustainable local eco system.

Whilst working for Clare Local Development Company, Gloria also performed the role of Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) mentor for Co Clare (2020-2021), working as part of a team of mentors in the mid-west, growing the number of communities registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on the programme and supporting communities on a journey of mobilisation and awareness to energy master planning and potentially renewable energy generation.

Gloria is currently working on BIMzeED, BusLeague, GUPP, Construction Blueprint and BusGoCircular.

Areas of expertise:

  • Community engagement
  • Funding applications
  • Sustainable development
  • Networks

Contact details:


LinkedIn:  Gloria Callinan | LinkedIn

Phone: 087 96 87 937

John is a qualified accountant by trade, with 30 years post qualification experience. He joined TUS (then the Tipperary Institute) in 1999.

John  worked in industry in the UK from 1985 to 1999 and has experience of large multinationals, as well as privately owned companies in the distribution, manufacturing and construction sectors.

John worked as finance manager of Tipperary Institute until its amalgamation with TUS and now works as the Commercial Manager, looking after finances and financial reporting to the funding agencies for the RDI department.

John has also managed the TCEC enterprise centre in Thurles and provided financial management programmes for the enterprise programmes.

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 51808

Kathy joined TUS in 2002 and currently provides Administration support for the Development Unit.  Kathy is responsible for the purchasing process in all Development Unit projects.  Kathy assists with general project activities including organising project travel arrangements, meetings, project support on EU and local projects and other administration responsibilities within the Development Unit.


Kathy has worked in numerous divisions within the Institute including the Curriculum Office, Examinations, Admissions, Flexible Learning, External Services and Finance. Kathy has extensive experience of various departments and has an avid understanding of the student lifecycle from Admission to Graduation.


Kathy graduated from MTU with a BSc (Ord) Business Studies Recreation and Leisure Management and from NUI (IPA) with a BSc (Hons) Business Studies Human Resource Management.


Areas of Expertise:

·         Administration and Project Support

·         Financial Packages

·         Student and Staff Information Systems

·         Interpersonal and Communication Skills

·         Event Management

Katrina worked in recruitment consultancy in Dublin until 2004 then moved from there to TUS in Thurles as an administrator, with special responsibility for TUS Alumni.

Key ongoing projects

TUS Alumni

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28057

Dr Taylor currently work as a Senior Project Assistant in the Development Unit across a number of projects.  Her focus is on social enterprise and rural development.  Marie is also a lecturer in tour guiding and Irish heritage with the Flexible Learning Unit in TUS.

Dr Taylor obtained a PhD with Limerick Institute of Technology that evaluated the relationship between heritage tourism and community development and was a recipient of an TUS bursary from the graduate office.

Dr Taylor has also been awarded a Research Masters in Historical Geography with Mary Immaculate College and was awarded a Master’s Fellowship with the ‘National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis’.

In addition, Dr Taylor has a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from University College Cork. She has taught at second level and at third level in the University of Limerick and Mary Immaculate College in Geography Pedagogy for Primary and Second Level, and in Human Geography.

Areas of expertise

  • Social enterprise
  • Rural development
  • Community development
  • Youth engagement
  • Tourism and Irish heritage

Key ongoing projects


Publications / research

  • Taylor, M. and Bradley-Davies, H. (2018) Primary Valuation, in Clarke, H.B. and Gearty, S. (eds.) More Maps and Texts.  Sources and the Historic Town Atlas, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy
  • Taylor, M. and Murphy, C. (2017) Communities-Doing It For Themselves?, 13th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference, Sligo Institute of Technology, Sligo
  • Taylor, M. and Murphy, C. (2017) An Analysis of Community Based Heritage Tourism: A Resource for a Small Community in Rural County Clare, Ireland, WASET, Boston
  • Bradley Davies, H. and M. Taylor, (2014) “’I am rich in all that I have lost’ The Mount Saint Laurence Cemetery Project Limerick”, in Geographical Society of Ireland, ed. Conference of Irish Geographers, University College Dublin
  • Bradley, H. and M. Taylor, (2009) “Feudalism and Feudal Society”, International Encyclopaedia of Human Geography, p.98-105

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28476
Twitter: @MarieT2014
LinkedIn: Marie Taylor

News & Events

Marie graduated with a BSc from the University of Glasgow, then a postgraduate teaching qualification in chemistry and biology from the Queen’s University of Belfast. She also has postgraduate qualifications in Communicating Science, Pharmacology and Technology Enhanced Learning. She lectures in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at TUS.

As well as teaching, Marie has worked as a research assistant in chemistry education research. This has included collecting, collating and disseminating information for use by chemistry teachers, as well as writing for Chemistry in Action! magazine.

Marie is the TUS co-ordinator of CanSAT, Science Week and Space Week and on the Committee of the Limerick Clare branch of the Irish Science Teachers’ Association. She also shares co-ordination of Cell Explorers. Marie has been the TUS co-ordinator for a Comenius-funded project – ‘Chemistry is All Around Us Network’ – and a number of Erasmus+ projects.

Marie is a course leader for the B.Sc. in Drug & Medicinal Product Analysis in Technological University of the Shannon and is involved in the organisation of the TUS components of Limerick Festival of Science, a regional festival in Science Week Ireland.

Marie has also presented at a number of national and international conferences on themes around science education and engagement.

Areas of expertise

  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical Science
  • Science engagement and outreach co-ordination
  • Science education
  • European project co-ordination

Key ongoing projects

  • MathE
  • CLIL for STEAM
  • Science Week (SFI funded)
  • Cell Explorers

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 61 293338
Twitter: @1mariewalsh

Sarah Joined TUS’s Development Unit in 2019. Sarah assists in general project activites as well as financial administration.

Sarah has a certificate in Business and Secertarial Services and Train the Trainer. She had worked in the hotel sector for 10 years before joining the team.

Areas of expertise

  • General office administration

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28080

Yvonne is a graduate of TU Dublin with a BSc in Hotel & Catering Management and a Diploma in PR & Marketing with the Dublin Business School. As well as Ireland, Yvonne has worked in the hotel sector in London & Switzerland.

In London, Yvonne has worked in UBS Bank in the corporate client department and on returning to Ireland joined Aberdeen Asset Management Ireland where she was responsible for sponsorship and events.

In 2004, Yvonne joined Technological University of the Shannon as a faculty administrator and events coordinator in the ICT department, working on the ICT in Education and Games Fleadh events.  Now working in the Development Unit, Yvonne is responsible for the coordination of the Innovation Voucher programme across TUS in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland.

She also provides administration and organises events for various European projects within the Unit.

Areas of expertise

  • Conference and event management
  • Innovation Voucher co-ordinator

Contact details

Phone: (+353) 504 28266
LinkedIn: Yvonne Doyle

About Us

The TUS Development Unit is dedicated to implementing TUS’s vision of supporting individuals, companies and industries in the Mid-West, driving change and making positive impacts throughout the region and beyond.

The Development Unit – the majority of which is based on the Thurles campus – continues to grow, in terms of its range of staff, areas of expertise and its ongoing projects.

This continued growth has enabled the unit and TUS as a whole to consolidate its position at a regional, national and international level. This has resulted in TUS and the unit being approached to engage in further activities across a range of areas, by an ever-increasing number of partners and stakeholders.