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PESES – Digital Stories to Promote Environmental Sustainability Education in Schools

Duration: November 2021 – November 2023

TUS Project Budget: €27.055.00

Total Project Budget: €189.701.00

Poject Number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000027755


In our current society, climate change and environmental sustainability have become some of the most relevant topics. World leading organizations claim that the fight against global warming must take priority if we want to combat the long lasting effects that it will cause. In fact, the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for 2030 encompasses many goals linked to environmental sustainability. The 13th goal specifically calls for climate action to stop global warming claiming that emissions of carbon dioxide have gone up by almost 50% since 1990. Action must be urgently initiated by all key players in society, especially in schools as educating the students will create a positive ripple effect that will be very beneficial to our environment. As businesses start to open up again after the covid-19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance to use this opportunity for a systematic paradigm shift to a more sustainable society.

In the context of our current situation, PESES intends to increase awareness about environmental sustainability in students starting from early stages in education. PESES plans to do it in an organic and personal way: focusing on the main current global environmental issues, while using students’ personal digital stories.

Aims & Objectives

Refusing the unnecessary, Reducing consumption, Reusing materials, and Recycling waste are fundamental ideas to reverse the destructive effects of contaminants to our environment. As such, they must be a top priority in education and society as a whole. This is, in essence, what this project wants to undertake by raising awareness in the young generations as they are the present and future of our environment. This objective is the project’s main horizontal priority (the environment and fight against climate change). This project aims to raise the awareness and engagement in young students on this subject and make them active participants in their environmental education.

Project Outputs

  • Practical Toolkit
  • Training Curriculum & Sustainability Stories
  • Sustainability Library 
Contact Details

Yvonne Doyle


Project Website

Project Partners
  • European Learning Centre (Spain)
  • Archivio della Memoria (Italy)
  • TUS (Ireland)
  • Denmar (Poland)
  • SBTC Turkey