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COVET – Continuing Professional Development in Digital Education for VET

Erasmus+ Project 2020-1-CZ01-KA226-VET-094350

Duration: 24 months (March 2021 – February 2023)
TUS Project Budget:  €31,308,00
Total Project Budget: €188,571,00

COVET – Continuing Professional Development in Digital Education for VET is an Erasmus+ funded project which commenced in March 2021 and will run for 24 months. Comprised of partners from seven European countries, TUS is one of the lead partners who will contribute to the design of a CPD programme for VET staff.

The project intends to design a quality training program for VET teachers and trainers to help them meet current and future requirements on digital training delivery in VET, by upskilling and equipping them with new digital tools to design, develop and deliver their online training.


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vocational education institutions were forced to move their teaching, training and mentoring online. A recent study of the European Commission “Fight against COVID-19” among educators has shown that education systems of the EU member states were unprepared for this crisis. Challenged with seeking innovative ways to conduct their online teaching many teachers found themselves unequipped to deal with this transition to emergency remote teaching.

 Although there was a vast amount of online courses and training modules available, most of these were not VET specific and Vocational education and training appeared to be strongly disadvantaged.

Gaps identified include:
1. the VET teachers need to upgrade their teaching skills to the requirements of the online, digital or virtual training delivery. 

2. the VET teachers need to be equipped by new (digital) tools to design and develop their digital online or virtual training lessons.

Aims and Objective of the Project

The COVET project intends to design and develop a quality CPD training program for VET teachers and trainers to help them to develop their digital competencies in order to  meet current and future requirements on digital training delivery.

Project Outputs

  • IO1: Analysis of training delivery for VET (TUS was the lead partner in carrying out this survey)
  • IO1: Digital training delivery (Part 1: CPD programme for staff, Part 2 – Development of set of sample online VET lessons)

Project outputs will be available as an open source in March 2023.

Contact Details

For more information on this project, contact, Flexible Learning Department

Seamus Hoyne,, Dean of Flexible and Work Based Learning

Project Partners


The COVET project team comprises of partners with experience and skills in the design and development of the training activities and training materials for teachers, teaching digital skills and contents, ICT training, evaluation and quality assurance.

The COVET consortium consists of large and small educational institutions from Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe located in large and small towns and rural areas (Coordinator Czech Republic, Partner 1 Italy, Partner 2 Romania, Partner 3 Turkey, Partner 4 Ireland, Partner 5 UK and Partner 6 Spain). There are: 1 higher education institution, 2 VET schools, 3 NOGs and 1 SME in the consortium which provides a diverse team of professional of different kinds.