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TELI2 (Transnational Education in LEADER implementation)

Duration: 24 Months (September 2016 – August 2018)
TUS Project Budget: € 52,925
Total Project Budget: € 274,960


This project seeks to develop, or further enhance, the knowledge, skills and competences of staff within Local Action Groups (LAGs) and Local Development Companies (LDCs). While doing so, it will respect supporting neo-endogenous rural development initiatives, through the implementation of the LEADER project within their respective administrative areas.
The project is based around the LEADER (Liaisons entre actions de developpement de l’économie rurale) program which is a highly effective and successful model of integrated social and economic development in rural communities. LEADER is delivered in a variety of different fashions by the member states.
The project will entail a study of the delivery of the LEADER programme – seeking examples of the most efficient modes of implementation in the partner countries; and the transference of this knowledge to identified stakeholders in the form of a high quality accredited course delivered using a blended learning model. The programme will be accredited through TUS.

Objectives and Aims of the Project
  • Researching the delivery of LEADER in member states and training needs of LEADER staff and Board members.
  • Delivering a best practice-based training course pertaining to the implementation of the LEADER programme to LDC / LAG management.
  • Promoting shared learning between countries that have established LEADER programmes and those that are relative newcomers to delivery.
  • Delivering the accredited programme through a blended learning model with the utilisation of on-line learning and learning workshops.
  • Up-skilling of LEADER delivery organisations through life-long learning.
  • Enabling LEADER staff mobility through their participation in a transnational project, and the promise of future collaboration and networking in rural development and community development initiatives.
Contact Information

Shane O’Sullivan
Project Officer