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Duration: 30 months (June 2019 – November 2021)

LIT Project Budget: c. €45 190.00 

Total Project Budget: c. €263 930.00 

Duration: 24 months (1/03/2021 – 28/02/2023) 


Substantial research shows Outdoor Learning (OL) to be highly successful and sustainable in nurturing transversal skills crucial for employability, active citizenship, and personal wellbeing. Nevertheless, hardly any country embeds OL systematically in formal or non-formal education. The NEF+ consortium partners have been working together since 2018 using an OL model to promote transversal skills in young people. To mitigate impact of Covid-19, digital learning solutions have been devised which produce unexpected added value from the combination of OL and digital learning. 

Objectives and aims of the project:

NEF+ will augment insights and good practice within the Consortium and among VET practitioners and experts on regional and EU level. The project creates professional development opportunities on OL for VET, e.g. through a digital open access repository with self-led learning materials and best practice guidelines on OL for VET in non-formal education and workplace settings – with a special focus on ways to digitally enhance OL. To achieve sustainable impact, the existing New Education Forum (NEF) network will be expanded and digitalised to enable professional development, knowledge exchange and lobbying of (digitally augmented) OL for VET beyond the funding period. 

NEF+ serves three beneficiary groups:  

1) VET educators – in and out with the Consortium members’ institutions – active or interested in OL for VET  

2) Experts (professional associations, OL training institutions, good practice providers) contribute to the state-of-the-art knowledge base and the network  

3) Decision-makers on regional and EU level carry forward OL for VET sustainably on a wide scope  

Contact Information

Marie Taylor
Project Officer