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Duration: 23 months (October 2019 – August 2021)
TUS Project Budget:  €40,236
Total Project Budget:  €265,863

FARCura is an Erasmus-funded European project with eight partners from four European countries (Ireland, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium & Portugal. The project is focused on developing knowledge and skills in the area of social farming.

‘Social farming’ – also known as ‘green care’ or ‘care farming’ – is the therapeutic use of farming landscapes and practices on part, or all, of a working farm in order to provide health, social, educational and/or vocational supports to a small number of people at risk of social exclusion.

The FARCura project wishes to equip stakeholders (farmers, social farming representative bodies, social and health care providers, farming representative bodies) with the necessary knowledge, skill-sets and competencies to develop and enhance social farming, an innovative approach to fostering social inclusion amongst marginalized groups within rural society throughout Europe.

Contact Details

Elaine Cleary
Project Officer