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Empowering Renewable and Citizen Energy Communities

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Duration: 36 months (October 2023 – September 2026)

TUS Project Budget: € 125,558.08

Total Project Budget: € 1,496,569.59


Power-E-COM is a Life project aimed at providing an overall solution to foster the collaboration between local/ regional authorities and energy communities, by developing supporting mechanisms for the design and set-up of energy communities.

The project supports local/regional authorities and citizens in the process of setting-up energy communities, by understanding the framework conditions for their constitution, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, providing a common methodology to develop energy community models, and providing support for the model’s replication, communication, and dissemination.

Stakeholders who are involved in POWER-E-COM, mainly local and regional authorities and citizen groups, will be trained, mentored, supported and enabled to start, develop, run and grow energy communities, based on adapted and evolving business models. The functioning of the business models will be spread and replicated in the project regions and beyond.

The 5 key steps for the design of viable energy communities are:

• Step 1: Key stakeholders engagement, activation, and capacity building

• Step 2: Energy Communities Design

• Step 3: Energy Communities set-up

• Step 4: Support to replication in other regions

• Step 5: Energy community local/regional offices

Objectives and Aims of the Project

The overall aim of POWER-E-COM is to foster the cooperation between regional/local authorities and citizens so that community energy projects can be realised in regions in the six different partner countries.

  • Developing models for the establishment of energy communities
  • Providing training and capacity building
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experience

Key Performance Indicators

By the project lifetime, these actions will lead to 30 Citizen-led initiatives supported and created, with close to 37,000 citizens taking part in the energy communities, 2,400 actors with increased skills in the area of community energy and overall, 610 local and regional authorities committed to replicate best practice experiences.

Contact Details

Gloria Callinan

Project Support Officer


Seamus Hoyne

Project Co-Ordinator