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Area: Energy 

Duration: 30 months (June 2020 – December 2022) 

TUS Project Budget: € 198,031.25 

HP4All brings together leading experts across Europe to enable capacity and skills development within the Heat Pump sector and to ensure that the energy efficiency gains afforded by heat pumps are realised.  HP4All will develop the HP4All package, a set of innovative tools and resources to be used by the different related stakeholders. The package includes  

A HP Competency Framework to facilitate Mutual Recognition of HP Skills across Europe and the construction sector.

A digital HP Knowledge Hub will be created to provide guidance, support and tools e.g. technical information, case studies, procurement guidance to increase the demand for HP skills and knowledge.   

 A HP Benchmarking Toolenabling end users to consider options and performance of HP technologies within different building types.       

The HP4All Package will be validated through 3 regional plans being implemented (AT, ES and IE) with the ambition of driving market change, influencing end user decisions and planning for new innovations.  The implementation plans will be informed by extensive stakeholder engagement to map current and future barriers to HP market exploitation and skills development.   

Objectives and aims of the project:  

  • Address market inertia by identifying drivers affecting demand and acceptance of HPs within the Construction Sector and HP Value Chain  
  • Design and Pilot a HPSkills Competency & Excellence Framework to support Mutual Recognition of HP Skills 
  • To enable end users/clients to demand high quality solutions delivered by a skilled workforce  
  • To increase the number of skilled workers across the HP design, operation and maintenance value chain, with a specific focus on the engagement of SME’s.
  • To expand the HP4All at national and EU-level, by developing and implementing a communication and replication strategy  
Contact Details

Padraic O’Reilly
Research Fellow

Michael O’Shea
Senior Project Assistant

Stephen Murphy
Senior Project Assistant

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