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Upgrading skills for EU Greener Public Procurements

Duration: 26 months (October 2020 – November 2022) 

TUS Project Budget: c. € 61,755.00     

Total Project Budget: c. € 260,570.00 


The overall aim of GUPP is to address the challenges in the construction sector, by responding to current, emerging and growing needs of the sector for accelerating transition to a resource efficient and circular economy, towards EU’s energy and environmental goals. In parallel, the expected impact is to enhance the education’s sector capacity building by integrating innovative learning tools and resources and facilitating the supply of a high quality flexible training for public authority staff and professionals. The GUPP project is to enable behavioural changes of key stakeholders involved in a PP process towards a sustainable, greener and circular economy, creating new opportunities for public authorities to stimulate resource efficiency and green growth, facilitate knowledge transfer between key stakeholders involved in PP processes, as well between practitioners and the educational sector and raise awareness of the lifecycle environmental impacts of projects, strengthen synergies and empower transnational social dialogue between all relevant stakeholders. 

Outcomes from the project:  

  • IO1. Green Handbook: An instrument on GPP Regulatory Framework and Practice on Construction Works that will provide a guidelines of the GPP process and challenges faced upon its implementation on construction works. 
  • IO2. Development of the GUPP capacity building program will provide stakeholders (public procurement staff, professionals of construction works), with up-to-date knowledge, advanced aspects of GPP in construction works, facilitating deeper knowledge and familiarity with GPP. 
  • IO3. Development of the GUPP Web Platform is an online hub for GPP that will serve as an innovative networking and e-learning tool and bring together the latest news, events and resources on GPP, enhance retention and learners engagement, as well enable social dialogue and knowledge transfer on the subject matter. 
  • IO4. Engagement with GPP in construction works delivering all data and information collected in the project and relative policy recommendations to a growing number of key stakeholders and public authorities (target min. 40). The target groups include Public Authorities, contracting Authorities at local, regional, National level, Public procurement staff, the construction sector, policy makers, social partners, entities involved in procurement processes and educational sector. 
Contact Details

Seamus Hoyne
Project Co-Ordinator

Elisabeth O’ Brien
Senior Project Officer

Benny McDonagh
Project Officer