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Digital Academy for Sustainable Built Environment

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Duration: 60 months (November 2020 – October 2025) 

TUS Project Budget: c. € 3,443,570.00          

Total Project Budget: c. € 7,503,106.00 


TUS is leading a consortium of Higher Education Institutes and industry partners to address the education and training skills gaps within the built environment.   

The Digital Academy for Sustainable Built Environment (DASBE) project, funded under the HEA Human Capital Initiative (HCI) will address the significant changes in the sector as a result of EU and national policies, regulations, green construction, circular economy and digital skills. 

The project provides rapid design, development and deployment of education and training programmes to construction workers and professionals using a wide variety of on-line, blended and face to face approaches.  It will focus on provision of programmes which are flexible and responsive to the needs of the building sector. 

The DASBE platform will focus initially on existing programmes, available in the partner institutions, while also using resources from on-ongoing R&D projects e.g. BIM Cert, BIMZeED, Construction Blueprint etc.     

The DASBE Consortium includes TUS, ATU, the Tipperary Energy Agency and Irish Green Building Council (IGBC). The consortium will be a hub for providing upskilling, capacity building and education to the building sector. 

Objectives and aims of the project: 

  • Provide a Digital Platform to enable learners to undertake programmes ranging from micro-accreditation (including digital badges), special purpose awards (Certificates), and minor and major awards focusing on specific topics and requirements in the sector. 
  • Provide programmes from Level 6 to Level 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications. 
  • Enable partners to collaborate on the provision of innovative and integrated programmes, building on best practice from across their organisations.   
  • To build on partner’s previous work, utilise capacity and synergies between past and ongoing research work.  
  • Enable access to international research drawn from DASBE network of international collaborators e.g. European Heat Pump Association, World Green Building Council – European Regional Network.
Contact Details

Lis O’Brien
DASBE Manager

Seamus Hoyne
Dean of Flexible and Work Place Learning

Edel O’Grady 

DASBE Administrator