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Dedicated to stimulate demand for sustainable energy skills in the construction sector

Duration: 30 months (September 2020 – February 2023) 

TUS Project Budget: c. € 999,980.00 

Total Project Budget: c. € 955,600 


The overall aim of BUSLeague is to address and overcome the challenges of the stimulation of demand for energy skilled workforce (demand side), along with hands-on capacity building to increase the number of skilled workforces across the building design, operation and maintenance value chain (supply side). BUSLeague will achieve this objective by developing and implementing a cross European recognition of energy skills, together with upscaling successful training methods and techniques which have already been developed in previous EU and National initiatives such as BUILD UP Skills, Construction Skills. BUSLeague focusses on a blend of four elements: mutual recognition of energy skills, awareness raising, capacity building and legislative changes. 

Implementation will be done at country specific and regional levels; based on a blend of measures to stimulate demand complimented with hands-on and practical upskilling of involved local and regional workforce. In this way engagement of SMEs will be ensured. BUSLeague is formed by a coalition of former BUILD UP Skills and Construction Skills projects. The partners believe that by working together the national implementation plans and developed means will improve and become more attractive and effective. BUSLeague is strengthened by experienced anthropology researchers and educational technology researchers in order to prove impact, and to optimize the blends for stimulating demand and optimizing learning transfer of applied learning means and materials.  

In Ireland, a blend of measures to stimulate demand complimented with hands-on and practical upskilling carried out with involved local and regional workforce. In this way engagement with policy makers, regional bodies and SMEs is ensured. 

Twelve partners from seven European countries, Ireland, Netherlands, Slovenia, France, Bulgaria, Spain, and Austria are involved in the research and implementation of 6 National Implementation Plans working alongside DIY/Manufacturers, Training centres, policy Makers and Local Authorities and SMEs. It is intended to develop relevant training programmes and pilot these to train 2640 people in the construction sector. Additionally a mobile BUSApp is to be developed further to enable workers to assess trainings easier, develop their own training plan and promote their own skills and qualifications on a skills register.    

Contact Details

Seamus Hoyne
Project Co-Ordinator

Elisabeth O’ Brien
Senior Project Officer

Benny McDonagh
Project Officer

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