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Duration: 36 months (Sept 2021 – Aug 2024)

TUS Project Budget: €170,500

Total Project Budget: €1,653,357


REMARKABLE CLIMATE LEADERS will support local leaders to deliver a step change in progress towards carbon neutrality by 2050 in 7 regions across Europe. The Climate Emergency and Energy Transition agendas require clear leadership, ambition, courage and conviction if our 2050 targets and goals are to be achieved. REMARKABLE will create a network of Current and Emerging Climate Leaders who, through their actions and inspiration, will drive their municipalities, public authorities, communities and regions. They will transform their approaches from one focused mainly on energy efficiency/renewables to one focused on the strategic goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

The REMARKABLE CLP will also facilitate the creation of 60 Roadmaps for public authorities aiming at Climate Neutrality by 2050. These Roadmaps will allow our Climate Leaders to translate strategic aspirations and policy ambitions into concrete and disruptive far reaching measures. The 7 Regional Energy Agencies involved in REMARKABLE will develop 14 Climate Neutrality services to expand their roles as change agents in the Clean Energy Transition and Climate Neutrality challenges

REARKABLE CLIMATE LEADERS will exploit its outcomes and results through the creation of an EU Climate Leaders Circle. Groundbreaking and long-term measures towards Climate Neutrality will be shared through this Circle. Within 36 months the Circle will have 320 Leaders from across Europe, including 30 from 7 Observer Regions/Countries who will follow the project from the outset. The REMARKABLE CLIMATE LEADERS Circle will create synergies with existing networks and initiatives e.g. COMO, ManagEnergy to support and enhance their impacts, complementing the technical, financial and policy capacity building agendas with new knowledge on Leadership and Climate Neutrality

Contact Information

Dr. Darren Barry

Senior Project Officer: Climate Adaptation


Project Website

Project Partners

∙ Technological University of the Shannon (Ireland – Coordinating Organisation)

∙ ESCAN (Spain)

∙ Tipperary Energy Agency (Ireland)

∙ Institute for Innovation and Development of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

∙ FEDARENE (Belgium)

∙ Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement (France)

∙ EnerGap (Slovenia)

∙ Energikontor Norr AB (Sweden)

∙ OÖ Energiesparverband (Austria)

∙ North West Croatia Energy Agency (Croatia)