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Efficient Use of Water among Agricultural Youth

Duration: April 2022 – April 2024

TUS Project Budget: €62,834.00

Total Project Budget: €400,152.00

Project Number: 101049678 ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PCOOP-ENGO


In recent years, climate change has caused a remarkable instability which is affecting the availability and quality of water in many European regions. The lack and difficulty of managing this matter, not only within the farming sector, is generating tensions between regions and enterprises due to the availability, quality and distribution of water. Considering also the fact that certain products are of notably high water demand and that in certain countries the hydraulic network for agricultural activities is old with many leakages, the gravity of the presented issue is imperative.

This evidence and missing short-term and long-term solutions/ perspectives for sustainable solutions build the basis for this project aiming at:

1. Raising awareness about the danger of water shortage and the risks of pollution

2. Training allowing to optimize the use and quality of water resources

3. Exchange of examples related more efficient and less polluting farming techniques.

Contact Information

Daniel Monteleone, ELO


Stephanie Moore, Researcher


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