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Bioanalysis & Biotechnology (Add on) – BSc (Hons)

  • CAO Points: Add-on

  • Campus: Moylish, Limerick City

  • years: 1

Course Overview

This interdisciplinary one-year add-on programme provides you with specialist skills in the Bioanalytical and Biotechnology sectors. You will gain critical skills in key areas including Bioanalysis, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Healthcare Sciences and Quality Management Systems. Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the necessary skills for careers in research, development, production and quality control in a range of modern bio-industries including Bioanalytical, Biotechnology, Biopharmaceuticals and Food Sectors.

Contact Details

Dr. Lynnette Marcar


What are the entry requirements?

  1. A pass in a relevant Bachelor Degree (Level 7) in a relevant field with an overall average performance of at least 50%.
  2. An equivalent qualification to a Bachelor Degree (Level 7) with appropriate pre-requisite subjects.
  3. A pass in a relevant Bachelor Degree (Level 7) with one year suitable and relevant work experience.

Course Modules

  • Data Analytics

    Credits: 5

    This module will provide the learner with knowledge and practical application of statistical concepts for data driven analytic methods.

  • Bioanalytical Method Validation

    Credits: 5

    This module will allow students gain a detailed knowledge of method validation, with a particular focus on bioanalytical methods. In additional students will gain a practical knowledge of method validation by participating in a group based validation project.

  • Biomolecular Techniques

    Credits: 10

    This module will allow students gain a detailed knowledge of scientific and technological advances in biomolecular techniques, with a particular focus on molecular biology and protein chemistry/proteomics. Particular focus will be given to how these techniques underpin developments in bioanalysis and biotechnology and associated industrial and commercial sectors.

  • Mammalian cell culture

    Credits: 5

    This module aims to equip students with the practical skills to culture and manipulate mammalian cells as well as studying the theory of mammalian cell culture and the properties and behaviour of the cells at the molecular level.

  • Project Management and Research

    Credits: 5

    This non‑laboratory based module allows the student build-on and develop their project management, scientific writing and critical evaluation skills in order to comprehensively review the literature available in their chosen project area and produce a written literature review.

  • Research Project

    Credits: 10

    In this module the student will conduct a major project and prepare a dissertation. During this the student will use their practical skills in a research context to conduct an investigation in a chosen specialist area in a competent, organised manner, critically evaluate results and deliver them in a presentation and interview and in a clear, concise thesis.

  • Quality Management

    Credits: 5

    This module will provide the learner with knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques employed in quality managment.

  • Bioanalysis

    Credits: 5

    The sucessful learner will have an in depth knowledge of Advanced Bioanalytical Techniques and their applications to the Biological Sciences.

  • Biotechnology

    Credits: 5

    This module will allow students gain a detailed knowledge of the scientific and technological advances in cell biology and bioprocessing, functional genomics and biotechnology and how these topics underpin production of recombinant biopharmaceuticals.

  • Bioprocessing

    Credits: 5

    This module aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of the key theoretical and process design concepts relating to the production and properties of biomolecules of industrial importance using microbial and mammalian cells.

What can you do after this programme?

Employment and career opportunities are available in key growth areas including the Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical, Bioanalytical, Food and Healthcare sectors. Typical jobs include Process Scientist, Bioanalyst, Biotechnologist, Production Specialist, Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist. Graduates may work in Regeneron, Pfizer, BMS, Edwards Lifesciences, Kerry Group, MSD, Johnson & Johnson, Beckman Coulter, Serosep and BD Medical.

You will have excellent employment and career opportunities in key growth areas including the biotechnology, bioanalytical, healthcare and biopharmaceutical sectors. Typical jobs include Bioanalyst, Biotechnologist, Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist. Some graduates work in Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals, Vistakon, Beckman Coulter and Centocor.

Graduates are eligible to apply for the the Professional Masters of Education and pursue a career in Science/Biology teaching in Second Level Schools. Graduates may also pursue Masters or PhD programmes in biology related disciplines in Ireland or abroad.
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