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Shane Roche – Medical Technology Graduate

Name: Shane Roche

Course: Medical Technology

Year Graduated: 2022

Brief description of your job:

Clinical Engineering – National Rehabilitation Hospital

Carrying out medical device maintenance and repair, research/sourcing of suitable medical technology for hospital and specific patient needs, and supply/installation of medical equipment to clinical areas in support of nursing and medical staff requirements. 

Why did you choose your course?

I had a keen interest in both technology and healthcare throughout my Leaving Cert year but was unsure of what type of career I wanted to pursue. I knew the course would keep my options open for future employment.

What do you like most about your course?

The blend of theory and practical elements to the course was great. I found that most of the difficult or challenging theory elements to modules were as much as possible reinforced with practical work which really helped in understanding. A lot of assessments were also structured in this way.

Apart from your course, what do you like most about TUS?

Both academic and support staff at TUS are passionate about their jobs and engagement was always encouraged both inside and outside of classes. Smaller class sizes at TUS meant questions were always welcomed and group work and co-operation between all class members was possible.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

I found that the broadness of the degree allowed me to consider a lot of very different roles within the medical technology field in terms of meeting skills and competency requirements for job applications and interviews.

In my current position I use the skills and knowledge gained from my degree every day. Even when working on tasks not directly covered in the course, I always find there are some similarities or learning experiences from the degree I can relate back to.     

What advice would you give someone considering studying this course?

This course will open many employment and further education opportunities in many different areas of healthcare. I would encourage anyone with an interest in technology or any aspect of healthcare to apply.