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Patryk Lorkowski – Medical Technology Graduate

Name: Patryk Lorkowski

Course: Medical Technology

Year Graduated: 2022

Job Description:

Field Service Engineer – Cruinn Diagnostics

Carrying out calibrations, servicing, and breakdown repairs of clinical & laboratory equipment nationwide. Working within different institutions daily such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and many more.

Why did you choose your course?

My secondary school interests circulated around engineering and science. I’ve always known I’d like to work around the healthcare sector and help others but not particularly be a nurse or a doctor. This course seemed to connect the medical and engineering aspects together to give an opportunity to help others in a different way.

What do you like most about your course?

The course was structured so that every theory class was accompanied by practical work to help the understanding of the specific topic. What I found the most exciting was having access to various medical equipment and be able to breakdown its functions while having fun with them by creating real life scenarios. I felt extremely comfortable how life changing machines work before meeting them in the workplace.

Apart from your course what do you like most about TUS?

The support from lectures when you are out of class, anytime you’d have doubts or questions about material you’d feel comfortable to chat or ask questions whether you’re onsite or at home. The class sizes were particularly small which made asking questions and making friends effortless.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

The degree helped me formulate my future path as a service engineer. With the skills gathered I had the opportunity to choose from different careers, while searching for jobs I could match the modules studied with different company requirements.

What advice would you give someone considering studying this course?

The course offers insight into a big range of various disciplinaries which will give the opportunity to pick and choose jobs within the engineering, science, and healthcare sectors. Advice I would give is to take as much out of the course as possible as the opportunities after are endless.