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Monika Janke – Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis Graduate

Name: Monika Janke

Course: BSc (Hons) Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis

Brief description of your job: I work as a Lead Biotech Production Specialist at Regeneron in Raheen, Limerick.

What did you most like about your course?

I really liked the laboratory practical element. I think it gave me the opportunity to improve my practical skills. It was very helpful to practice accuracy during experiments which was a very important skill in most subsequent work.

I was also grateful for the very helpful and friendly staff. During my second year, I became pregnant and I got excellent assistance from the lecturers with respect to what chemicals I could use and what I should avoid to keep myself and my baby safe. Due to safety reasons, I was unable to complete some parts of the labs, but I received various types of alternative assessment so I was able to learn and complete the course.

I liked that the lecturers were very supportive when it came to finding work placement in 3rd year. However, the college offered an alternative course completion through the opportunity to complete a project in the TUS laboratories. This was very helpful because I had a small child at home at that time.

I really enjoyed my Final year Project (FYP) and it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot in a short time. My supervisor was the most supportive person I have ever met and thanks to him, not only did my FYP have direction, but I also really enjoyed it and it allowed me to test myself. I felt I could come to my supervisor with any problem or idea during my FYP and I received professional help.

What was your experience of the teaching and learning environment in TUS?

I think the small Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis class was something very helpful because we all felt more comfortable and were really close to each other, but also the lecturers were able to spend more time to help individuals if needed.

I also think that the online Moodle resource was a good idea because I could find information from previous lectures very easily.

How was your work placement experience while on the course?

I am very glad that TUS gave me the opportunity to do an alternative project instead of an internship. My baby was a few months old at the time and I could not do full-time work placement.

The project was very well organized and I was able to write a lot at home, which was important to me at the time. I learned a lot because I had to do my own research to complete the project, but I also was able to better concentrate and understand the importance of documentation. This helped me a lot in further interviews when I was looking for a job because many organizations focus on documentation and understanding procedures.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

My course gave me the skills needed to work in science-based corporations. I was very well prepared in terms of solving problems, writing SOPs and understanding procedures. Thanks to the extensive lab practice, I gained the confidence to work in an industrial environment on my own because I really knew what I was doing.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying this course?

Go for it! I think Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis is a great course as it teaches students good laboratory practice and the importance of documentation which are skills required in science based jobs.