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Megan Clancy – Applied Biology Graduate

Name: Megan Clancy

Course: BSc Applied Biology

Brief description of your job: Continued on to complete the level 8 in Bioanalysis and Biotechnology

Year Graduated: 2023

Why did you choose your course? My decision to pursue this course stemmed from my profound passion for science, particularly Biology, which I discovered during my secondary level education. Being from Clare, with Limerick in close proximity, I explored the educational opportunities available in the region. This course captured my interest due to its foundational approach in first year, which allowed me to re-engage with scientific fundamentals and broaden my understanding of other aspects of science. Furthermore, I was intrigued by the substantial emphasis on laboratory work and practical experience, as I thrive as a hands-on learner.

What did you like most about your course? I was personally drawn to the wide variety of modules offered, as they provide individuals with the opportunity to explore and define their path within the scientific world. My journey through various laboratory settings, beginning from my introductory year where I familiarized myself with the environment, to my final year where I confidently navigated independent lab work, has been both enriching and rewarding.

How has your degree helped you in your career? Having made the decision to progress to the Level 8 add-on in bioanalysis and biotechnology, my attainment of the Level 7 degree in Applied Biology provided me with a solid foundation in scientific principles prior to specializing in my chosen area of study. The opportunity to undertake an 8-month work placement during my third year was instrumental in equipping me with practical industry skills and establishing a wide-ranging professional network, both of which are poised to be advantageous as I embark on my future career path.