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Kris O’Dwyer – Medical Technology Graduate

Name: Kris O’Dwyer

Course: BSc Medical Technology

Year Graduated: 2023

Brief description of your job: Studying for a PhD with UL

My PhD research is based on a collaborative effort involving a multidisciplinary international team of scientists to measure and compare polarisation, piezoelectricity and structural properties of corona and contact poled biodegradable films and coatings.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

I was well prepared for this role in my undergraduate degree of Clinical/Medical Technology having built a solid foundation in all aspects of science and engineering, with this course being a perfect amalgamation of the two. The modules in particular that helped prepare me for this postgrad research role were analogue and digital electronics, electrical safety principles, all of the physics and computer programming modules, all of the biology modules, biomechanics and biotechnology, even the chemistry module in 1st year has allowed me to have a good understanding of the biocompatible material that I work directly with. All of the time spent in the labs has been of huge benefit too with regards to lab health and safety, lab etiquette, etc.

What did you like most about your course?

 I could not say enough good things about my undergraduate degree and would tell anyone looking toward a career in healthcare; be it in hospital engineering departments or medical physics departments, industry, or academia, this course is perfect! The University is beautiful and has fantastic facilities, the lecturers are helpful, friendly, and supportive, all of the staff are professional and approachable, and I have made lifelong friends there. It was a pleasure to have spent my four years in TUS!