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Jennifer O’Reilly – Applied Biology Graduate

Name: Jennifer O’Reilly

Course: BSc Applied Biology

Brief description of your job: I am currently employed as a microbiology analyst at Tipperary Cooperative Creamery. In this role, I perform a range of microbial testing on raw ingredients, in-process, and finished products, such as cheese, butter, milk, milk powder and water testing. Additionally, I am responsible for performing environmental swabbing across various sections of the plant.

Year Graduated: 2023

Why did you choose your course? I choose this course as I always had a keen interest in studying life sciences, I wasn’t sure what area I wanted to study the most so I knew if I studied Applied Biology it would open up a broad spectrum of career opportunities.

What did you like most about your course? What I really enjoyed most about this course was how practical and hands on the course was. It made the lectures so much easier to understand when we put theory to practice.

How has your degree helped you in your career? In my current job, I use the skills and knowledge I learned in my degree every day again, the practicality of this course really helped with the transition from college to work life. The wide-ranging nature of the course also means that there are plenty of job opportunities available to graduates in different industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, agriculture, and environmental science.

Anything you want to add? I would encourage anyone who is interest in studying life sciences or any aspect of science to apply for this course as it will open many doors due to the large range or career and further education opportunity’s available upon completing this course.