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Chukwuma Nwankwo – Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis Graduate

Name: Chukwuma Nwankwo

Course: BSc (Hons) Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis

Brief description of your job: I work as a QC Technician at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care in Castletroy, Limerick.

What did you most like about your course?

The blend of labs and lectures in my course was fantastic. The friendly staff and support were invaluable. The opportunity for work placement and diverse subjects added depth to my learning experience, and my classmates made it even more enjoyable.

What was your experience of the teaching and learning environment in TUS?

The teaching and learning environment at TUS was excellent. Access to lecturers and friendly, helpful staff enhanced the experience. The manageable class sizes, well-equipped labs, tutorials, and on-campus amenities like the canteen created a conducive atmosphere for learning. Online resources via Moodle were also beneficial.

How has your degree helped you in your career?

My degree has been instrumental in shaping my career path. It made me work-ready and equipped me with the necessary skills for industry. The broad nature of the degree enabled me to take on various roles in areas like quality control, quality assurance and validation. Additionally, problem-solving skills and effective communication learned during the course have been invaluable in my career.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying this course?

To someone considering studying this course, I would highly recommend it. The course offers excellent employment opportunities with dedicated staff providing all the skills required for the work place. The inclusion of work placement is a great advantage, and the small class sizes ensure personalized attention and support throughout the learning journey.