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Adam O’Mahony – Applied Biology Graduate

Name: Adam O’Mahony

Course: BSc Applied Biology

Brief description of your job: I am part of the Manufacturing team at Regeneron in Raheen and work in the Process Areas as a Downstream Biotech Production Specialist (BPS). My job takes place in the production line after our cell culture producing our product has finished its growth cycle and is ready to be harvested and formulated. I specifically work in the Purification step in downstream, using different types of Chromatography to extract the specific proteins we are using in our medicines. A large proportion of my job is also using GDP (Good Documentation Practice) in filling out digital systems that keep track of item usage and factors to do specifically with the batch and buffers used.

Year Graduated: 2023

What did you like most about your course? I liked how friendly all my lecturers were and how ready they were to help out when you needed it. I also am very grateful for the experience it has given me through making friends and my work placement.  Work placement provided good knowledge of industry which has helped me in starting my career at Regeneron.

How has your degree helped you in your career? As mentioned previously my experience on work placement provided me with skills that are valuable and transferable to the workplace. The modules based around GMP, GDP, ALCOA were invaluable as these are very much focused on in interviews and in the daily life of companies such as Regeneron.

Anything you want to add? My degree has been completely worth it and I am so happy with myself and grateful to my lecturers for helping me get here.