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TUS Lecturer Appointed Chair of Chartered Accountants of Ireland Mid West

TUS lecturer Morna Ahern

TUS lecturer Morna Ahern has been appointed as chairperson of the Chartered Accountants of Ireland Mid West.

Ms Ahern works as Assistant Lecturer in Taxation in the Department of Business & Financial Services at Technological University of the Shannon (TUS). She is also owner of a boutique tax advisor firm Brass Tax Consultancy which is based in the region.

Following her appointment as chairperson of the Chartered Accountants of Ireland Mid West, Ms Ahern said her aim during the year ahead was to have a renewed focus on “Family”.

“The Chartered Accountant family is extremely important to me, and I hope to enable the region to support and grow. Through in-person and virtual CPD as well as social events, we will provide many opportunities for the Chartered family to gather, grow and learn. I look forward to working with all the Midwest members of our Chartered family and welcome the opportunity to connect with you all.

“I would like to thank the committee for their continued support. I also thank my own family and my TUS family for their encouragement and guidance.”

Morna has over a decade of experience in the Finance sector, having started her career in practice, she has worked for a number of high-profile companies across the public and private sector.