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There is an Isle – New Mural pops up at Toll Cottages 

The newly installed mural at the Toll Cottages, Thomond Bridge, Limerick city.

A joint project between Limerick City and County Council and TUS Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD) has seen a new mural added to Limerick’s growing street art portfolio.  

The words “There is an Isle” can now be seen as visitors enter the City, crossing Thomond bridge. 

The mural has been painted onto the Toll Cottages façade in recent days. One could not have found a “spot so fair”! 

The project was part-funded by Creative Ireland and part-funded by LCCC Place-Making & Public Realm Department (PPR). The project was a collaboration between LSAD, PPR, the Arts Office, & Property Department. 

The idea and concept were brought about to creatively enrich the visual façade of the Toll cottages, working with LSAD students and recent graduates and engaging with the local community.  

The project aims to create an environment that will give an opportunity for developing artists to understand the steps involved in a project of this nature, developing skills that aim to push professional development for emerging artists. 

An artistic group, consisting of four students and recent graduates, was chosen to create an intervention engaging with themes relevant to the local community and responding to the socio-economic, historical and the social heritage of the area.   

Georgy Daly, Executive Architect, Limerick City and County Council, commented 

“The objective is to return the Toll Cottages to use and enliven this beautiful part of Limerick City in the medium term. However, this site presents an opportunity to develop high quality urban artwork and engage with local artists and students to reimagine the site in the short term for the overall benefit of the area.” 

Dr. Pippa Little Arts Limerick City and County Council added 

“Limerick Arts Office is delighted to work with our partners at Limerick City and County Council, Placemaking and Public Realm, and Property Departments and Limerick School of Art and Design TUS. This approach to interdisciplinary working is at the heart of Creative Ireland’s strategy to embed creativity in Local Authorities, for the benefit of all. This project was part funded by a Creative Ireland Strategic and Legacy grant. This vibrant, colourful intervention forms one of the many celebrations of Limerick’s heritage and our cultural identities. It delivers the new Culture and Creativity Strategy 2023-2027 for Limerick in the strategic priorities of Place-Making, Cultural and Creative Careers and Connections.  

Mike Fitzpatrick Dean Limerick School of Art and Design /Director of Cultural Engagement, TUS commented “TUS Limerick School of Art and Design has been an integral part of Limerick city for generations, and we are proud to contribute to the city’s society and culture. The aim of this project is to creatively enrich the visual façade and area in front of the Toll cottages, with four LSAD students and recent graduates engaging with themes and concepts that connect our local communities with our city’s rich historical and social heritage. This type of creative intervention has been shown to positively affect social wellbeing and make the potential for economic growth more tangible. 

“This project also creates an opportunity for four developing artists to understand the steps involved in a project of this scale, developing skills, and enhancing the professional development of these emerging artists.” 

Participating Artists from TUS LSAD:
  • Grace Wallis – 4th year Fine Art Painting student
  • Michelle Hickey – Masters of Fine Art student
  • Ryan Mulligan – 3rd year Sculpture and Combined Media student
  • Jack McKeon – Graduate of Visual Communications 2022