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Welcome message from Dr. Lisa Moran, Dean of Graduate Studies

I am delighted to welcome you to the TUS Graduate School. My team and I are committed to the highest quality tuition, intellectually stimulating and engaging supervision and instilling a deep understanding of international research to enhance your own self-development and employability pathways. Our state-of-the-art research at TUS, pushes the boundaries as intellectual endeavour but is also oriented to generating ‘real world’ solutions to complex problems. Our researchers are committed to principles of social justice, fairness, equity, and advocacy for a more socially and economically just world.

Completing a doctoral or master’s degree by research comprises multiple journeys for every individual person. Simultaneously, it is a process of self-discovery, which pushes the boundaries, inciting new ways of thinking and revealing novel understandings about the self. It is a process of intellectual evolution, of curiosity, ingenuity and co-creation, which inspires radically new knowledge about the world around us, our places within it and the interconnectedness of all existence.  

Our campuses, with close links to industry and commercialisation opportunities are dynamic hubs for knowledge development and exchange, and are equipped with world class facilities and supports so that you can get the very best out of your journey. 

We look forward to co-creating, developing and to sharing in your unique research pathway. 

Dr Lisa Moran (PhD, SFHEA) 

Dean of Graduate Studies.