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TUS N-TUTORR Week Proves a Resounding Success

N-TUTORR Week_TUS Athlone Campus_Photos by Nathan Cafolla
  • 1st March 2024

Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) wraps up a dynamic week of activities today, after hosting more than 20 events aimed at transforming learning and fostering digital resilience among students and staff.

N-TUTORR Week unfolded across TUS’s six campuses in the Midlands and Midwest from February 26 to March 1, with events also taking place nationally in partner institutions.

Anchored by N-TUTORR’s six themes, the week-long event featured a mix of activities designed to engage students and staff and promote meaningful dialogue on re-imaging the future of education within the technological university sector.

N-TUTORR Week at TUS offered a diverse tapestry of experiences catering to various interests and skillsets, with highlights including interactive workshops on sustainable food habits, embedding education for sustainable development within higher education and staff development through LinkedIn Learning.

One of the standout events, “Interactive Team Building with Minecraft,” exemplified the spirit of digital transformation in education, fostering collaborative problem-solving and creativity among participating students and staff.

Another notable event, “Virtual Reality Education in TUS: A Journey of Discovery”, provided attendees with an immersive glimpse into the potential of virtual environments to revolutionise learning experiences.

Students and staff test out virtual reality headsets as part of N-TUTORR Week at TUS. Photo: Anne Naughton.

The week also saw engaging activities on topics ranging from sustainable living practices; universal design and enabling accessibility through technology; and race equality in higher education, all which underscore TUS’s commitment to nurturing socially responsible citizens equipped to address contemporary challenges.

TUS President Prof. Vincent Cunnane expressed support for the initiative, highlighting its alignment with TUS’s vision of empowering learners for success:

“TUS’s participation in N-TUTORR Week exemplifies our dedication to driving transformative change in education. By embracing cutting-edge advancements in teaching, learning and assessment, we are equipping students with the skills, resilience, and adaptability needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving learning landscape.”

Echoing this sentiment, VP for Student Education and Experience Frances O’Connell said, “The NTUTORR programme has enabled us to reflect on lessons from COVID-19 and to ensure that we can empower our students in their learning, whilst also investing in the development of our staff capabilities and the digital ecosystem across our campuses that underscore the transformation map captured in the design of the NTUTORR programme and deliverables across its three streams of activities.

“We got to showcase the fantastic NTUTORR initiatives that staff and students are leading in TUS that demonstrate our commitment to higher education that addresses critical education and academic themes such as universal design for learning; equity and inclusivity; academic integrity; digitally enabled learning and teaching; and education for sustainability”.

Dr Trevor Prendergast, N-TUTORR lead for TUS said, “N-TUTORR Week serves as a testament to our collective commitment to reimagining education and harnessing technology to drive change and resilience. The success of this week-long event reflects the dedication and collaboration of our faculty, staff, students and the N-TUTORR team.

“By embracing innovative teaching methodologies and leveraging digital tools, we are not only transforming the teaching, learning and assessment experience but also shaping the future of higher education.”

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In Pictures: N-TUTORR Week at TUS