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Students Spark Change, TUS Leading the Way in Sustainable Global Marketing

  • 15th February 2024

This week, the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) hosted a unique international collaborative programme aimed at enhancing students’ understanding and awareness of sustainable marketing in global digital marketing practices.

Developed in partnership with Dutch university NHL Stenden, the initiative drew participants from 14 different nationalities representing eight leading European universities. It was motivated by the imperative to instill in students an appreciation for ethical and sustainable approaches to marketing that positively impact the planet, society and economic prosperity.

Under the guidance of Louise Murray and Sinéad O’Connell from the Faculty of Business & Hospitality, students honed their skills to enhance regional competitiveness and address existing disparities within local development across Ireland and the EU.

Pictured: (L to R) Dr Alison Sheridan , Head of Department, Business & Management; Marlene Schmoll, Vorarlberg, Austria; Lea Angelino, TUS, Athlone; Sinéad O’Connell, TUS lecturer; TUS President Professor Vincent Cunnane is the lead co-ordinator of RUN-EU; Roosmarijn Baerveldt, NHL Stenden; Luís Miguel Ramos Pereira, IPCA; Carolina Rodrigues Póvoas, Leiria; Noemí Verbeeten Barros, Burgos University; Louise Murray, TUS senior lecturer. Photo: Nathan Cafolla.

Louise Murray, course leader and senior lecturer expressed pride in the success of the initiative stating, “Creating this new and exciting programme that blazes a trail for cross-country delivery of active learning in the areas of marketing strategy and sustainable marketing compliments the development of the live digital marketing projects that have been a cornerstone of our work at both undergrad and master’s level in the Faculty of Business & Hospitality at TUS for the last six years.”

A standout feature of the programme was the development of a sustainable digital marketing campaign for Offaly-based global brand Choose Plastic Free Wipes.

Founder Tom Doyle said, “It is such a great opportunity for me, as an entrepreneur based in the Midlands, to have access to the expertise in TUS and more importantly, to have access to an extended European network of Universities through RUN-EU. We are really excited to work on this applied, sustainable project with students, whose marketing strategy insight and skills we are hoping will help grow our baby wipes brand Choose Plastic Free Wipes in our main markets of Canada, the Middle East and Australia.”

The programme’s development team recognised the pivotal role marketing plays in fostering social change towards sustainability and sought to delve deeper into this with students across the RUN-EU network.

The demand for graduates with not only digital proficiency but also a commitment to social responsibility and sustainability is on the rise across Ireland and Europe.

This programme aims to meet that demand by nurturing students who are not only skilled professionals but also conscientious members of their communities, dedicated to making a positive impact on both people and the planet.