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Athlone Student Learning Portal

The Student Learning Portal is a gateway to information and links about the IT platforms we use on the Athlone campus. Whether it’s finding out about the teaching and learning platforms we use (Moodle, Zoom and Office 365) or accessing support when you have an IT issue, we hope that you will find the information here. Don’t forget to check out the student discounts information too!

IT Support

IT support is available to TUS Midlands students on matters such as student passwords & multi-factor authentication (MFA) settings.  Unfortunately IT support cannot be provided for issues that are related to your IT setup at home e.g. your laptop or your home Internet connection.  IT assistance for non-home related issues can be requested by completing the Student Helpdesk form. Note, for students who have forgotten their passwords, if you have registered for MFA (most students have), it is possible to change your password yourself – see the guide at the bottom of this webpage entitled “What to do if you forget your password” – this is the quickest way to get back into your account. 

Multi Factor Authentication FAQs

MFA stands for multi-factor authentication.  It means a minimum of one form of protection on all accounts in TUS.  The first form is a password.  The second form we use in TUS is the Microsoft Authenticator app on a smart phone.

You will need to get one or use one owned by someone you trust, (however using a phone owned by someone else is extremely inconvenient).

Every staff member and student is required to set it up on when they first login to their account.  You need both a smartphone (with the Microsoft Authenticator app) AND a laptop or a computer to set up MFA, you can do it on smart phone alone as you have to scan a QR code displayed on a laptop or computer with your smartphone.

If your phone is the only phone that is registered with your account, you can’t access your account without raising a Helpdesk ticket to have your MFA reset.  Once the Helpdesk has confirmed that your MFA has been reset, you will need access to another smart phone with the authenticator app and you will need to register this phone with your account to regain access to your account.

Any change to MFA settings (e.g. adding a second phone) requires MFA authentication to access the Add a new Phone page.  So, if you have the phone that is registered to your account, you can add the new one, and then you can delete the old one – see the How-To screencast (i.e. a video) on how to do this – link below.

Yes, but you should only add a phone if it is owned by someone you fully trust and you should turn off Authenticator notifications to this back-up phone to avoid them being a nuisance to the owner. is the direct link.  See instructional video for how to do this.

Video explaining How to register a phone for MFA (for initial setup or if your MFA has been reset by the Helpdesk)

Video explaining How to add a phone for MFA  (if you already have a phone that is registered to your account)

Moodle: our virtual learning environment

Moodle is where you will find material for your classes, coursework and assessments.

You can also access information about student supports in our Student Learning Hub, as well as information about other supports in the TU such as our Student Resource Centre, our Counselling Service and our Library.

Access Moodle

Student Guide to Moodle