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Photostory Exhibition Workshop

22nd Mar 2022   /   Room C147, TUS Thurles Campus   /   11am

Cate O Connor of Youth Work Ireland Tipperary will facilitate a workshop to reflect on the exhibition and to highlight the use of Photo Story as a means of giving voice to the experience of young people. 

The workshop will be open to students and staff of TUS.

“Photographs are central to our day-by-day understanding of the world around us and of civic, social and political life. Photographs can be very powerful avenues to exploring young peoples’ deeper understanding of other cultures as well as concepts such as justice/injustice and importantly, creating empathy. Getting young people to observe and describe what they see in photographs introduces and opens up a variety of subjects and issues. At the same time, photographs taken by young people and the stories created by them can be a powerful means of giving voice to experiences that might otherwise remain unheard and unseen. It is our hope with this resource that people will find commonality of experience in the images and stories that young people from Syria have created.”

The photographs and their stories will be displayed in Thurles for Refugee week.