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Life as an Iraqi refugee in Ireland

24th Mar 2022   /   TUS Athlone Campus   /   3pm

Mr. Heidar Al-Hashimi, an Iraqi national, who spent over five years in direct provision before he was granted international protection status, will take us through his experience of life in Ireland as a refugee.




About Heider Al Hashimi

Mr. Heidar Al- Hashimi is Asylum seekers’ and Refugees’ rights activist. He holds an MA in Family Support studies, a Diploma in Community Development Practice and a Diploma in Arts of Community and Family studies from NUI Galway. Originally from Iraq, Heidar was an asylum seeker for five years before he received his status in the state. During his period in the asylum process, he acted a PRO/Treasurer and Coordinator of Resident’s Committee at the Lissywollen Accommodation Centre in Athlone. He is now working as an interpreter and a translator. He previously worked as a Cross-Cultural Support Worker with Syrian Refugees through the Department of Justice‚Äôs Resettlement Support Programme.