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Fine Art – MA

  • Campus: Clare Street, Limerick City

  • years: 1

Course Overview

Our new practice-based MA in Fine Art is ground-breaking within its field; it positions learning in relation to a broad range of infrastructures, supports and external centres of connectivity that will in turn scaffold students’ professional practice on completion. This MA in Fine Art will enable postgraduate students drawn from the fields of fine art, cultural production, and creative thinking to establish links and a commonality between their art-based research and complementary research carried out within the cultural infrastructures of art, film, theatre and design, and within broader research in fields of science, technology, and social sciences.

This exciting Masters in Fine Art programme encourages and promotes the discovery of the individual artistic language of every student and where to site their professional artistic practice. The focus is on the core concerns of art practice in the real world, residencies, exhibitions, funding, partnerships, and application processes.

The MA aims to nurture the development of future artists, cultural producers, and creative thinkers. It will give students the tools to identify networks, opportunities and to enable them to confidently, research, write, collaborate, manage major projects, and disseminate research and creative work.

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Why Choose MA in Fine Art?

Our MA in Fine Art is a programme where creativity thrives.

Practice-Based Revolution: Hands-on creation takes centre stage, breaking free from conventions to embrace the avant-garde. Your art becomes a beacon of innovation, whether through brushstrokes, camera lenses, or lines of code.

Infrastructures and Connectivity: Spanning disciplines and traversing realms, our program links you to cultural hubs both in Limerick and internationally, film studios, and design spaces. Science, technology, and social sciences expand your artistic network.

Crafting Your Artistic Identity: Celebrating individuality, our programme guides you to discover your artistic lexicon, whether it resonates in galleries, film sets, or digital spaces. You can take advantage of real-world creative experiences through residencies, exhibitions, funding opportunities, and partnerships.

Disseminating Brilliance: You will be invited to seize opportunities using research, writing, collaboration, and project management skills so that you can broadcast your creations on gallery walls, digital realms, and social spaces, amplifying your voice through research papers, installations, and performances.

Contact Details

Michael Minnis


Michael McLoughlin


What are the entry requirements?

Any primary degree with a minimum award of Second-Class Honours Grade 2. Recognition of prior experiential learning (RPL) from applicants will also be considered for places based on relevant professional and life experience.

You will be required to attend an interview in person, or online together with members of the program team and prepare a short statement of intent that outlines your reasons for embarking on this course of study.

Course Modules

  • Circuits of Dissemination

    Credits: 10

    The way you present work and the means to go about it.

  • Context: Critical & Contextual

    Credits: 10

    Critical examination of your practice through different conceptual and philosophical frames.

  • Creative Practices of Knowledge

    Credits: 10

    The research methodologies that enable you to undertake postgraduate artistic research.

  • Ecologies of Practice

    Credits: 10

    The networks and structures that enable your practice to exist.

  • Major Project: Navigating Practice

    Credits: 50

    The planning, negotiating, researching, realising, and reflecting on a body of work. This happens through 3 consecutive stages: Negotiation, Residency and Realisation.

What can you do after this programme?

This is a practical MA in Fine Art aimed at preparing you for your professional life post-graduation. It will enable you to continue to make artwork, to exhibit, to develop a practice network and importantly to sustain an art making practice that relates to your personal goals.

Art practice post-graduation can appear daunting. This MA is designed to make it less so and to empower you to develop the infrastructures you need. You will be able to navigate the precarity to find sustainability finding/creating networks, collaboration and mechanisms of dissemination specific to your work.

The MA IN Fine Art equips you with the following tools/skills;

  • Studio based research methods
  • Development of artistic language
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Independent Learning
  • Siting practice within creative industries
  • Siting practice in local/national/international economy & society
  • Studio/Post Studio Practice
  • Critical thinking
  • Dissemination
  • Realisation and Presentation of Artworks
  • Peer Learning
  • Collaboration with peers
  • Deal with precariat

Upon successful completion of this programme, graduates have the opportunity to complete Level 9/10 programmes here at TUS or elsewhere.