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Moylish Library Classrooms and Learning Rooms Development

TUS Moylish Library

As part of the masterplan for the Library at the Moylish campus, 6 new classrooms are being developed to initially provide teaching spaces in place of soon to be demolished prefabs to the north of the Main Building. With minor adjustments, the new classrooms will then be converted into group study rooms for students in 2024 providing much needed learning spaces to meet the needs of students in the Library.  

The project will initially deliver 4nr. 16 person classrooms and 2nr. 32 person classrooms. The larger rooms will include an openable wall that can be opened up to create a larger learning space within the Library. The 4nr smaller 16 person classrooms will later be further sub-divided to create 8nr. 8 – 10 person group study rooms for student/learner use.  

This project will be followed by a number of other works and changes to the Library to achieve enhancements needed and identified in the masterplan. 

Timeline of project:  

Construction Period: June – September 2023