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Further Education and Training – Midwest QQI FETA Applicants

Many paths lead from the foot of the mountain, but at the peak we all gaze at the single bright moon – Ikkyu

Equity of access to higher education has always been a priority. We know that to truly serve our stakeholders we must facilitate communities in creating their own future in education. We aim to provide many educational pathways to ensure all can reach their peak. 

Higher Education Links Scheme (HELS)

TUS has long recognised and accredited skills and knowledge obtained by learners on further education and training (FET) programmes. We participate in HELS, established to give learners the opportunity to use their Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Level 5 or 6 major award to apply, through the CAO, for a place in the first year of a higher education programme. 

Applicants MUST check both the individual Higher Education institution and the CAO websites to ensure they meet any special or essential requirements specified. Once all of the above requirements have been met, a learner can apply for a place on the linked higher education programme. 

The learner is then assessed as part of the normal CAO application process on the basis of FET QQI points.

Applicants must apply through the CAO system. To apply, click here

(You must have obtained a full award. A Component Certificate is not sufficient). The best 8 modules are used for scoring purposes. A major award may be accumulated over more than one academic year. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply to QQI for a major award where courses are taken over more than one year. Due to the competitive nature of entry in respect high-demand programmes such as General/Psychiatric Nursing, Health Science, Sports Science, and Veterinary Nursing, scores will only be calculated when the appropriate award is presented in a single sitting, together with all the required modules and grades.

Applicants presenting full QQI-FET/FETAC Level 5 and/or Level 6 awards will not be required to meet minimum entry requirements based on Leaving Certificate results. The QQIFET/FETAC award is accepted in its own right.

For full information for the QQI FET/FETAC Requirements (CAO Courses only) click here.

For information on the evaluation of QQI-FET/FETAC qualifications, click here.

(All QQI-FET/FETAC level 5 and level 6 awards will be scored to deliver a maximum of 390 FET points).

TUS Midlands Midwest Programmes with Reserved Places

Candidates should note that for high demand courses at TUS, there is a limit to the number of places reserved for QQI-FET/FETAC applicants. Random selection may apply in certain circumstances.

For programmes having a specific QQI-FETA/FETAC quota, results are considered in Round 0 (early August). Your QQI/FET/FETAC scores will not normally be considered after Round 0 where a quota applies.

For programmes where no specific quota applies, QQI-FET/FETAC scores are included in the order of merit list of all applicants presenting school leaving examinations, and initial offers issue in Round 1.

QQI-FET/FETAC results will not be added to Leaving Certificate results. If you have taken both exams, the exam in which you have achieved the highest points will be used for nonquota places.

FET Progression Pathways

In addition to HELS, TUS has established links with several partner Colleges of Further Education. We offer preferential entry to applicants who hold a QQI L5 or 6 major award from one of our partner colleges, given that the applicant satisfies the certain entry criteria. 

  • Eligible applicants are given additional points or, in many cases, are guaranteed a place in Year 1 of their chosen programme.
  • Offers to applicants under the FET Progression Pathways Scheme are made in advance of Round 1, which gives more time to organise accommodation and make travel arrangements.
  • Any QQI L5 or 6 major award from partner Colleges of Further Education is eligible for consideration for a place on any TUS programme. The award does not have to be in the cognitive area. 
  • All TUS programmes welcome applications under the FET Progression Pathways Scheme, some programmes may have additional requirements such as: art portfolio assessment, interview, Garda vetting, etc. 
  • Applicants with a QQI FET Level 6 award in a cognitive area may be eligible for advanced entry into Year 2 of relevant programmes.

Further Education providers who wish to discuss a Progression Agreement with TUS are invited to contact our Director of Progression Pathways: