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ACCS Applicants – Midwest

Accumulation of Credits and Certification of Subjects (ACCS)

What is ACCS?

ACCS (pronounced “access”) is an acronym for Accumulation of Credits and Certification of Subjects. The ACCS scheme allows students to study a portion of a full-time programme in a part-time mode. Students can gain credits for each module successfully completed and accumulate those credits, over time, towards a nationally recognised award such as a single Subject Certificate, a Higher Certificate or even a Degree. Typically, at TUS, successful completion of a single module requires the accumulation of 5 credits. 60 credits are required to complete a full stage (equal to 1 year full-time) 120 credits are required for a Higher Certificate, 180 credits are required for a Bachelor Degree, or 240 for an Honours Degree.

Who does ACCS suit?

ACCS will suit anyone who wishes to study part-time and by day such as:

  • Workers who want to up-skill in just one or, perhaps, a few of the modules from a full-time programme, but who do not wish/need to take the entire programme.
  • Successful RPL Applicants who have gained recognition for prior learning and who now wish to study for the remaining credits to achieve an award.
  • Persons who cannot commit to full-time study but are prepared to undertake part, or all, of a course, over an extended period, on a part-time basis.
  • ACCS is not available to full-time students.
How is ACCS Timetabled.

In general, ACCS student attend classes during the day and alongside the full-time students.
We are anxious to accommodate ACCS students as far as possible in the timetabling arrangements.
In particular, we try to accommodate groups who are all taking the same subjects/modules. We would especially endeavor to accommodate groups coming to us for up-skilling from a single employer or employment sector and to organise the timetabling to suit their working requirements. Any such requests should be directed to the relevant Head of School/Faculty who will try to work out the details in advance of application/registration.

Ultimately the timetable will be dictated by the most appropriate use of resources.
It is unlikely to be possible to adjust a timetable or schedule a class to suit just one individual part-time student.

Fees for ACCS Student.

The fees for full-time students are set annually by the Department of Education, usually in July/August. The scale of fee charged depends on the level and type of programme undertaken. ACCS students are charged both Tuition and Student Contribution Fees on a pro-rata basis, with costs based on the total number of credits being taken.
A full year consists of 60 credits, therefore ACCS students pay one sixtieth of the full-time fees for each credit taken. If the ACCS modules chosen are worth 5 credits, they will pay 5 sixtieths of the full-time fees. If they are worth 10 credits, they will pay 10 sixtieths, and so on.
The Grants and Fees Office deals with all matters related to fee collection. All students are required to be in good standing with the Institute in relation to fees. Students who fail to pay fees due may not be entered for exams or may have their results withheld.

How to Apply for ACCS.
  1. First, consult our website or our prospectus and consider what programmes/modules you would like to study.
  2. Contact the relevant Head of Department and make an appointment to discuss your plans informally.
  3. Submit a formal application to the Admissions Office at TUS. Two forms are required:               

ACCS Application Form (AOPP-02) which is a more specific form in which the applicant indicates the particular selection of modules/subjects they wish to undertake. As all applicants may wish to enter different stages, this form must be tailored for applicant.