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Disability Support – Midwest

The Disability Support Office encourages students with educational support requirements to avail of the many services we offer our students. 

While there is no obligation to discuss your disability/support requirements, we recommend that you contact us as from experience, we have found that this positively impacts your time spent studying in TUS.

Please feel free to explore the information below to find out how you can best avail of our services and how we can best help you. Please be advised that it is very important that you contact to discuss your support requirements; even if you have completed the CAO/DARE applicaiton. 

Applying For Disability Support

Before proceeding, please be aware that by providing your health data, you are making a disclosure of ‘special category’ data to the TUS disability office. You should also be aware of the following points regarding your personal data.

Within the portfolio of supports we can provide, some are the subject of specific funding provided by the Higher Education Authority, (HEA). In the event that the particular support you require is specifically funded by the HEA, we will need to provide your data, including special category data, to the HEA. This is provided only to enable the HEA to fulfil its duty to coordinate, monitor and evaluate its Fund for Students With Disabilities;

Personal data collected as part of this application process will be released WITHIN TUS only in line with strict access-controls. This means that it will only be provided to those who need that data to ensure you have the supports you require.

All of this processing falls within purposes set-out within the TUS Student Privacy Statement.

If you have any questions or concerns about the processing of your personal data, the Information Compliance service at TUS can take an independent view and communicate with you in confidence:

Contact Us

Tel: (061) 293112 (please send a follow-up email after calling to ensure a timely response)

Alternatively, explore the links below to find out more about disability supports at TUS.