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Dyslexia Screening – Athlone

Dyslexia Screening is available to students registered on the TUS Athlone Campus. 

Any student who suspects that they may have a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) can contact the Disability Support Service to discuss their concerns and undergo screening if it is considered suitable.

Screening is the first stage a person goes through to investigate whether the difficulties they are experiencing with their studies may be due to an SpLD such as Dyslexia or whether the difficulties are happening for other reasons. Screening can never give a diagnosis of Dyslexia or any other SpLD. A diagnosis can only be given if a person undergoes a full Educational Psychological Assessment carried out by a qualified Educational Psychologist using age appropriate and standardised test instruments. The purpose of screening is to give an indication of whether a student should consider undergoing such an assessment and following screening the student will be advised of what they should do next.

Ideally an appointment should be sought early in the semester, as screening is not provided close to or during exam times, the exception being where the student is not sitting any exams at that time.

To arrange screening contact