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Assistive Technology Athlone

Athlone Disability Support Service provides a comprehensive Assistive Technology (AT) service that is central to the facilitation of students with disabilities.

About Assistive Technology

AT refers to any item, piece of equipment or product system that may be used by a person with a disability to perform specific tasks, improve functional capabilities and become more independent.

Assistive Technology support:
  • Assistive Technology is recommended to students during their Needs Assessment. The recommendation is based on their requirements.
  • Training in Assistive Technology to students registered with the service.
  • Technical support – software installation on laptops/PCs supplied and repairs/maintenance of equipment.

For information or advice about AT please contact

Assistive Technology Camp for Secondary School Students

Every year in late June the Athlone Disability Support Service hosts an Assistive Technology camp. The one-day interactive camp is designed for secondary school students with a Specific Learning Difficulty, ADHD or Autism who have received recommendations for Assistive Technology. The camp offers participants the opportunity to get hands-on experience and training in the use of various forms of Assistive Technology and free apps.

Camp 2024 is on Tuesday 18th June – Registration from 9.15am, the camp starts at 9.30am until 2.30pm. Please complete this Application Form to secure your place. Book early to avoid disappointment, places are limited.

For more information contact

Useful Resources

AHEAD AT HIVE: Visit the AHEAD AT HIVE about AT and helping you find technology easily.

Linktree Assistive Technology Apps and Tools: Explore a collection of mobile & PC tools aimed at enhancing accessibility and independence in learning.

The Patricia Kearney Assistive Technology Centre (ATC)

The ATC offers students:
  • Ground floor location.
  • Thirteen workstations, including three specifically designed for powered wheelchairs.
  • High-end PCs are all housed on adjustable electronic tables, capable of running every programme in the college.
  • Stereo headphones are connected to all PCs.
  • Printer and photocopier.
  • One touchscreen computer.
  • 32” monitors for visually impaired students.
  • Students using laptops can connect to the Eduroam wireless connection.

Patricia Kearney, Disability Officer 1999-2013

In 2014 the ATC was renamed and dedicated to the memory of Patricia Kearney. Patricia was a pioneer in establishing and developing services for students with disabilities. When the Disability Support Service was established at AIT, there were only 20 students with disabilities registered with the college. Reflecting the tremendous range of supports devised and provided by the service, today the service has grown exponentially. Patricia championed the introduction of Assistive Technology (AT) at AIT and pioneered AT outreach activities for schools in the catchment area through the REACH project.

She progressed the standardisation of needs assessment through the Ascent project in collaboration with other third-level institutions. As a member of the Disability Advisors Working Network (DAWN), she played a key role in the development of national policies on disability in third-level education. Notably, AIT was the first institute of technology to implement the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) scheme, which offers college places at reduced points to students with disabilities.

Patricia’s ethos was to treat each student as an individual and focus on them developing their own strengths in pursuit of their studies. She encouraged students to draw on their abilities and resources to carve out successful academic careers. Her incredible work ethic and commitment to her role inspired both the students who knew her and the staff who worked alongside her, both in AIT and nationally. She will be sadly missed, but her valuable legacy will never be forgotten.