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Dr James Ring

James, a scientist by profession, has 15 years’ senior executive experience in the public, private and not for profit sectors, now specialising in the provision of consultancy and advisory services in human and organisational performance, change management, culture and leadership development. James has led multiple major change processes and specialises in the development of transformational culture change in organisations. Senior consultant and CEO of Ingenium since 2018, James works in partnership with leading national and international organisations and SMEs, working closely with C-Suite level executives, delivering continuous improvement in people and teams through change and development programs, as well as a range of strategic development and business performance improvement programs. James studies and writes extensively on leadership and strategy development and best practice. Formerly the CEO of Limerick Chamber and Limerick Civic Trust as well as Education Executive with Ibec and a Project Manager with the University of Limerick, tackling low educational attainment rates in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

  • National Certificate, Limerick Institute of Technology, 2000
  • BSc (hons) Environmental Science, University of Limerick, 2003
  • MBA Master of Business Administration, University of Limerick, 2015
  • PhD in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Limerick Institute of Technology, 2007