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Brigid Delamere

Brigid Delamere lectures in Languages, Research Methods and Leadership in TUS Midlands and has acquired extensive inter-faculty lecturing experience during her distinguished academic career. She supervises research theses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, has significant experience as an external examiner of French and has participated in a diverse range of European partnerships and projects.

Her research interests include French language, French history and politics, the contribution of France to the development of democracy and to the advancement of the pan-European project, applied linguistics and the acquisition of the second language vernacular as well as the theory of democracy and political engagement.  Brigid’s current research is in the discipline of political science, focussing on the theory and concept of engagement, political socialisation and democratic practice.    

Brigid represented academic staff on the former AIT Governing Body and was a member of the joint AIT-LIT Governing Body during the period when both institutions formed a consortium to apply for designation as a technological university. She also served previously as a member of the AIT Academic Council.

Brigid is a member of the national executive of the TUI, representing academic staff in two technological universities, TUS and ATU, and also undertakes a key role in the industrial relations negotiations in both institutions. She is a representative of academic staff in the national third-level industrial relations forums.  Brigid is the Honorary Secretary of the TUI and a member of its Officer Board.